King Jason performs Additional Draw Frenzy at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe!!
Please get pleasure from 5 hand, .50 denom, $15 bets!!

Join with me!
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  1. 👍🏻Glad you are doing good stay safe..Linda Lee All About Slot Channel Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Florida

  2. If the paytables at that Harrahs are so abysmal, why even play? I appreciate you wanting to make the VP folk happy, too, but at the expense of your bankroll? It makes no sense.

  3. Yes it was super tight. A least it gave you a little something back. Keep plugging away for next time!

  4. Sorry for your loss today! Nice change of pace to see you play a poker machine. It’s not too often that I play poker machines, but sometimes I will go ahead and play one, just to break the monotony. Would you agree that odds of winning on a poker machine are comparable to a slot machine? Just curious as to your opinion. Thanks!

  5. Hi Jason 😊 Eeeeeeee,😀😀! Thanks for sharing the Frenzy Card Slot, wish it would have treated you nicer, but hopefully there’s always next time! Have a great day, love and hugs friend Smiles 😁❤️ Bonnie

  6. We need a book on poker lol. We just know how to play blackjack. Good wins. You didn’t loose it all. Good luck 🍀 We will meet someday soon.

  7. Bro that was the worst time on poker I’ve ever seen sorry you had a loser better luck tommorow 😁😁😁

  8. That machine was super tight! I like the one you play that gives spins when you get a full house. I might be mixing poker machines up🤔

  9. Early in video you had four diamonds- three to a royal but discarded them all? Wouldn’t you at least keep the four diamonds to go for a flush? Just curious….

  10. Good Thursday Morning King Jason, I hope you win big money on extra draw frenzy video poker and good luck today!

  11. Glad u didn’t lose it all. Thanks for sharing and stay safe. Hope u and Christopher have a wonderful Thursday. 💚💕💚👑👑👑💚💕💚

  12. Frenzy is a hard game to get that three of a kind, so glad you got it at least once. The four of a kind was great but wish you had gotten the kicker too. I hardly ever play slots because Video Poker is my game, so I REALLY appreciate you playing VP. It’s been five months since I’ve been to a casino so you know how much I miss playing, so I’m enjoying it through you. xoxo

  13. I Love Poker!..$15 a hand is alot..but much better than $30 a hand. Nice Try Jason! Get Them On The Next One! Thanks!

  14. Good morning! I hope today is extra kind to you! I like video poker a lot but I rarely play it because the lights and sounds from the Slots always suck me in! LOL! So much love and luck from AZ

  15. Glad you got out with the $200! I know I would have lost it all and then realized what a horrible machine that was. Better luck next time. Thanks and you’re always entertaining and happy!

  16. Good morning Jason! That All Star Poker was not very nice to you. Only one full house. 😞 Have a great Thursday! I’m looking forward to Friday’s live stream! 💚💛💜💙❤

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