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🔴 LIVE in LA$ VEGA$ – Low Betting, Excessive Consuming GAMBLING ✦ Slot Machine Enjoyable✦ with Brian Christopher

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  1. I think you and Marco should have a slot-play-off against each other betting the same and playing the same game side by side!

  2. I love ashtrays too! I hate when ashes are on the machine. Ugh. I try blowing them off or wiping if I have Kleenex lol

  3. You recovered amazingly well for the group pull. This was such fun to watch! I wish I had watched a low betting/high drinking before I headed to Vegas. I might have come home with more!

  4. Brain, you are awesome, thank you for the amazing videos. One day when I get back out to vegas, I hope to meet you. Keep up the amazing work.

  5. Brian, we would get along so well! That is for sure. Lol! I’m sorry I missed this when it was live, but I did watch it all. Marco is awesome, and you guys are just perfect for each other. Lot’s of love to you both.

  6. Brian im so sad you wont be in vegas labor day weekend!!! i was sooooo hoping to meet you. At least now i can sign up for a group pull in vegas in the far future to meet you!!! love your vids brian and marco is absolutely adorable!!

  7. Brian I absolutely love all your live videos!!! Wishing you lots of hand-pays!!! Best of luck! 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  8. hola Brian siempre veo tus videos porque me encantan pero quisiera abonar dinero y mi telefono es un LG y no aparece el simbolo de dollar. Es que quisiera verte jugar la maquina que se llama Bombay.

  9. I can watch you drink and talk for hrs, you need to do a video on how you and Marco meet.

  10. Because of you Brian, I played this version of 88 fortunes today for the first time. Put in $40, was up to $50 at .88 cent bet, was about to cash out being up 10 bucks, but for some reason I hit spin again and got the progressive pick. I picked real quick expecting the mini, so I was in shock when I hit the major for $885 on an .88cent bet. So thank you Brian 😊

  11. Mines been weird lately too I know people who post everyday but not everyone is showing up in my feed

  12. Hi Brian and Marco. “Yikes”; hope to be able to catch you in Vegas some day. You are great fun. Keep the fun coming.

  13. Hi Brian! Great video I just watched it. You and Marco are awesome we love you. Keep up the great videos!

  14. Me gustan tus videos y la manera que tratas a tus fans. I love your videos and the way you are with the people around the casino.

  15. High Brian ! This is Chris. Just finished watching your low betting high drinking video. You guys are so genuine. I’m still recuperating from hip replace surgery. Watching you and the other slot channels has made this experience bearable. Thanks for just being you !

  16. Before you leave eat pizza at the cosmo ,
    Upstairs make sure !!!! It’s New York pizza same thing ! 🙂 and if you wanna eat the best California rolls at cosmo upstairs ! No sea weed tell them soy paper no cumcber and no fish egg ☺️ please you and your husband try it’s amazing

  17. Ellen if you are there???? PleAse watch him and invite him to your show!! I would love to watch booth of you!! If you are Brian’s fan, please let Eileen know what she is missing. Let her know Brian Christopher!!!!!

  18. You are the best! Honest, kind,funny,great personalities. I hope Ellen watch you playing her machine and invite you to her show. She doesn’t know what she is missing! Love u!! Best!!

  19. your awsom love your vids brian u work harder than any one else 4 thumbs up 2 hands 2 papa toes your a winner cheers Arthur .

  20. Brian you are the best!! Your fans love you because you are so down to earth & show them the love in return. Your videos are the bright spot of my day!! Love to you & Marco ❤️

  21. Brian , because you are a non smoker, you should when your not taping. You know, second hand smoke and all, get a breath mask. And draw the word RUDE on it. 🙂 it would be safe and cool!!! 🙂

  22. Love you and Marco.. This was a great Low Betting, High Drinking Video. I could feel true honest feelings coming from you. You always keep it real and I love you for that.. Until then hope to see you sometime in vegas hopefully next week.. Love always #RUDIERULES

  23. My sister and her wife had a union 28 years ago. Got married in a few states. Then finally it became legal here. To a happy, beautiful and long marriage.

  24. Aaaawwwwww Brian!!!! ❤ You should do more videos with Neily777 when you guys go. He’s so pleasant. I may not be able to be an official Rudie, but love you none the less. ❤😘 Again, good luck on your second round of auditions 😀 XOXOXO!!!!!

  25. Your live video was fun. Glad you and Marco having fun. Cant wait to see next group pull. No free drinks in Ohio.

  26. brian we all love you your so real and dont treat your supporters any different from your rudies i know vlr dose which i felt was wrong so i will no longer support his channel i love watching you and you do make us smile <3

  27. Hi Brian&Marco, love your channel!! Today on our {23}wedding anniversary we went to the Venetian and played wheel of fortune $2 max bet…after the second spin we won $500, yeah I guess it was our lucky day!! Keep up the good work, love Marion☺️

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