A viewer asked …”Hey Bror Fredrik … Can you play a slot machine on the Las Vegas Strip for me ’cause I can’t make it there eh??” Happy to obliged my Canadian friend!

I thought I’d take a little departure from my usual content and fulfill this viewers request. I happened to be near the Excalibur filming something else and I saw a machine last week that looked rather juicy.

Did I win?

You’ll just have to watch to find out 😉

Gamble at your own risk … I am not responsible for your wins or loses. If you have a gambling problem please seek help

Making sure you check out this playlist full of slot machine strategy, tips and more …

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Personally, I’m of Swedish/Norwegian descent with a hint of German who was raised by Italians. I’d say that gives me a unique take on life and it also explains my knack for storytelling and gift of gab lol. When not making videos, images or having fun on the Las Vegas strip you’ll find me either at the gym or trying out tech gear. I’m very passionate about fitness and technology so expect to see related videos and reviews on my channel too. I love having fun and the occasional laugh at myself … and long walks on the beach.

Gear wise, which is an often asked question, I shoot mostly in glorious 4k using a Nikon D850, Panasonic DVX-200 and my trusty Samsung Note 10+ along with a host of different lenses, stabilizers and accessories. We’ll get into all of that too

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  1. I have always had luck at Excalibur. Hit for almost $2000 total in less than two hours on the original Walking Dead. Nice job!

  2. Buffalo is the word of the day. Gosh I love your videos… do you do group pulls? I am Canadian and can not wait till the borders open up so we can come down and see your lovely city. Fingers crossed!

  3. I have a question… I saw your worst casinos to play in were mainly ceasars but we stay at Bally’s for the location and the cost. I haven’t noticed too tight machines for this location. Any experience?

  4. I still like old school china shores and china mysteries. Always seem to get lots of free spins on them. Not a lot of them left anymore. I play mostly video poker honestly. Im a downtown guy tho. Love me some Freemont st👍. I have stayed at excalibur twice. Both were bachelor parties so a lot more partying and drinking then gambling. Do you go downtown enough to do a top 3 slot casino's down there?

  5. I stopped watchin this video at 9:31 so i dont know if this guy won bigg or not so my point on any slot playing for $100 if i only come up $20 bucks an go down to $ 80 from the 100 its time to find another machine sometimes you gotta know when to fold an move on, i call these machines milkers they'll milk you dry as long as you stay on, another thing the machines grow accustom to is your spinning patter if you just keep hittin that button to pull your creating a pattern so the machine learns from that an cheats you, what you have to do is switch up hit then somtimes stop the reels then up the anti on the bets then lower, if you dont keep the same pattern of spinning you throw the machine off a bit the odds are a better chance the machine will allow you free spins….play to win.

  6. Cool video man! Usually what I do after a decent bonus round, I will play a couple of back up spins and then cash

  7. Fun video! Just wanted t thank you — on my last Vegas trip I was getting slaughtered playing at cosmo and elsewhere, and I remembered you'd recommended excalibur for loose slots. Down about $3500 on the day, I got a massive handpay on autumn moon and won it all back. All the best & keep up the great vids!!

  8. I don't know how I missed this video before but I like how you give your advice and tell how the machine works, I didn't know the free spins depend on how many coins are bet, thanks Bror!😆

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