13marketmoves review [This powerful trading documentary reveals the real truth about day trading-find out all about wins and losses, emotions, challenges, ups and downs of becoming a successful trader. Does trading with a coach really make a difference? It does if you trade with a 13 market moves coach!] 13marketmoves trading documentary, what do some of 13marketmoves students actually make?!

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  1. Congratulations Kitt! That’s beyond outstanding! I hear what you’re saying about Leo. I’ve watched every one of these YT videos multiple times, and he drops nuggets literally everywhere. I am 100% in awe of Leo’s phenomenal brain and the way he teaches is perfect. I don’t care if I have to look at tits and whipped cream. The guy could probably make a video in which he’s reading the phone book, and I bet he would find a way to rearrange the business’ so we all learn something. Anyways, congrats again on your success! That’s crazy inspiring!

  2. It’s more like a dream after I made $18k just within a space of two weeks, now I believe creating multiple sources of income is the best with Mr Marcel, I’m just using this means urge anyone seeing this to give him a try and appreciate me later. I saw a comment about him then I reached out, He guides me with the exact time frame to trade. His strategy is really good i’ll highly recommend him to you.

  3. Nice! I got into 13 Market Moves last February 2020. The set up was perfect. I funded my account on a Thursday with $5k and by Friday at 4pm I finished with $146k

  4. Great video! I’m presently saving up to purchase the course. I for one would like to see more videos of small accounts being traded say $2500 and under. Once I get he money for the course I will be booking a call for pointers moving forward.

  5. Hey Leo I wanna know get the 13 market moves formula course how do I know if y’all for real, i just don’t want to get scammed but I wanna trade like a fucking rock star for sure, give me some details plz?

  6. What is amazing i talked to them once and told them i had to wait. i called them last week and never got a call back…….oh well

  7. This is amazing! Great job by that trader of hanging in there! Leo can show how you should enter and exit a large positions in an option trade? I assume your holding multiple strikes and scaling in and scaling out at different price targets?

  8. good for you brother. Thats my biggest issue. staying in a trade is tough for me. stupid I can know its a banger and still sell for wimpy gains!

  9. 13 Market Moves is awesome. Just gotta hold those winners and fully look at the big picture of the move!!! 13 MM is part of the reason Weenie Trades is what it is! Keep on rocking Leo 😉

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