That is half considered one of a three-part collection the place Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American On line casino Information e book, clarify why 15 totally different on line casino playing methods are actually dumb concepts. Every of the three movies covers 5 totally different matters.

For every of the 15 methods Steve and Matt first state what it’s after which they clarify why it’s a dumb concept to observe that specific technique.

Matters lined, on this first video, embody:
00:00 – Introduction
01:28 – In case you double your wager after a loss you finally must win (Martingale system)
05:08 – Dwell keno is an effective sport to play
06:58 – At all times wager max coin when taking part in slot machines
10:26 – Simply play the identical method because the blackjack vendor
12:24 – Making facet bets on desk video games is a good suggestion

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  1. Its funny how the casino’s do everything they can to empty people’s bank accounts and give it to them, yet someone plays blackjack as an advantage player and the act like they are going broke, ‘We ONLY took in 900 Million this year we would have taken in 901 but all those card counters won!! We need to make a law!!!!”

  2. My reasoning for not betting max coins in ordinary slots is that – most of the spins will be zero wins, so why waste your money on a high probability loss. My strategy is to bet minimum for several spins, then increase the bet for a spin, then bet max for 1 spin, then go back to minimum. You might miss a big win, but you’re still winning on a min bet. At least you are increasing your # of spins for the same money, and increasing your probability of getting a win. Basically losses increase faster than gains – so minimize your losses.

  3. I have to differ with you. My husband and I play Pai Gow in Vegas and always bet the regular bonus and the progressive bet. It has paid off in the past, winning several bonuses to keep our bankroll going.

  4. It’s dumb to even go into a casino and give your hard earned money away to support mafia crooks…

  5. a secret trick the pros use if they hit the 500$ table limit is, the convert the money to foreign money like Euro or GB-Pounds so the value of the bet exceed the 500$ value buy x1,22 or x1,35 😀 😀 😀

  6. Didn’t even know live KENO was still around. Everytime I hear about it I think of National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation

  7. We thought we were cool when we were young on the Blackjack tables. Our ides 1. “If you wanna win like a casino, play like a casino”. Always hit until you at least 17. Even if a dealer has a 6 up. Idea 2 “You can’t win, unless you’re in”. Never taking a card if you could bust. Even if the dealer had an Ace up. We were dumb.

  8. Although I knew all of this information, it was great to hear it in greater focus from another source. Great job fellas

  9. Where do you draw the line between whether a bet is bad or not? I remember seeing something like ‘you should always bet on Banker in Baccarat because it has .2% less edge than Player’ and I think this statement is just stupid.

  10. Where have you seen live Keno nowadays? I can’t think of the last time I was in a casino with it.

  11. Obviously, there must be a controlling system implemented into each casino for visitors to at least have a few good experiences of winning otherwise casinos eventually will lose customers. So, the idea of random is false. There’s a face recognition in each machine and complete control over all the gambling tables. Also, there are people hired by casinos to simulate a big win so the rest of us have our hopes high!
    It just doesn’t make any sense to run a casino out of random generating numbers. Casinos will charge you for the time you spent there. It’s like adults arcade. Casino owners know that even you win big you will go back and spent all the money you won and more or other gamblers will pay for casino’s loss/your win.
    There are control rooms behind the scenes looking into your faces and your gambling habits recording and memorizing your behavior.
    Casino owners know who is a potential heavy gambler and to satisfy gamblers experience casinos take the visitors money first and in some cases return a portion of it back to the gambler making it sound like a jackpot or something with the gamblers own money. Having said that, it’s fun if you have control over your gambling habit.
    Moreover, if no control, you will end up losing your family, friends, money and dignity!

  12. To me what you are saying about how it’s not a good idea to bet the side bets to get the progressive wins is kind of contradicting. You were saying with slots we should bet max when progressives or a big difference in jackpots are able to be won because if not then we are paying for someone else to win the big jackpot. It’s the same thing with the side bets on the table, if we hit that hand and do not have a side bet then we are paying for that bonus to get bigger and paying other people on the bonus because some tables have the “envy” that will pay everyone else for someone hitting a big hand but we won’t get paid because we did not bet it. Right???

  13. Steve I love your videos..thumbs up if you agree 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇👇👇🏻👇🏼

  14. You guys are my heroes! Please make a video on why Free Bet Blackjack is Fake blackjack! Casinos are out of control with their lawless, create-your-own blackjack tables, rules, stakes, and availability. Someone has to start regulating this problem.

  15. I saw a Youtuber lose $20,000 on Black Jack by doubling after losing the last hand. It took about an hour…at Caesar’s in Las Vegas.

  16. Do you ever get the feeling when you play at a slot machine it pays well in the very beginning. Then it goes flat! Then you say to yourself well I’ve been here so long it’s going to pay off but it just never does. It seems like it’s that way with every machine. Pays in the beginning, then goes flat. What’s up with that. I think their programed that way?? Or is it just me.

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