That is half three of a three-part collection the place Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American On line casino Information guide, clarify why 15 completely different on line casino playing methods are actually dumb concepts. Every of the three movies covers 5 completely different subjects.

For every of the 15 methods Steve and Matt first state what it’s after which they clarify why it’s a dumb concept to observe that exact technique.

Subjects lined, on this third video, embody:
00:00 Introduction
01:23 – #11 Insurance coverage betting in blackjack
04:03 – #12 Overcoming a Dangerous Day
06:16 – #13 Standing on 12 in blackjack
08:45 – #14 Enjoying Megabucks slot machines
11:40 – #15 P Making max bets on video poker

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  1. At this point I’m just going to play poker because at least there’s no house edge because your playing against players not the house haha

  2. Very informative video, for me it helps a lot since I’m doing relatively and technically about slot machines.

  3. So if I’m playing basic strategy at blackjack should I just flat bet the minimum or can I increase my bets a little bit on wins? What’s your advice?

  4. It’s still better to play 9-6 Jacks or Better once credit at quarters then 7-6 Jacks or Better at Max bet nickels

  5. Massive thanks! Im those ones who stands in 12 when dealer showing a 3-4, thanks for the advice

  6. Just saw a classic example about not hitting a 12 against the dealers 2 or 3. And it was the guy on 3rd base making the decision and he said no hit and the whole table won. That’s the problem. It happens once and everyone takes it for gospel. I always hit 12 against the dealers 2 or 3! I stopped playing blackjack because I don’t like the complaining amongst players about different strategies. Every basic strategy will tells you to hit a 12 vs dealer 2 or 3.

  7. But what are the odds of getting a royal flush in vp?
    How many hands do i have to play to get that “jackpot”, is it even worth trying?

  8. What do you guys think about playing video blackjack? I’d like to try it but but I’m very apprehensive. I feel like the games are probably rigged and if you start winning, then they start giving you losing hands.
    I’m also wondering what you think about playing with a live deer online

  9. Did you introduce and define the word “ploppies” in all three of these videos? I understand you want to have your videos easily understood by someone who has never seen one before, but it makes it really tedious for regular viewers. Regardless, thanks for the video!

  10. Can you guys please elaborate more on why you should hit a 12 especially if the dealer is showing a potential bust card? It seems bad to me to hit the 12 because you lose immediately if any face card hits, and if you get an ace,2,3, or 4 your hand does not improve in fact its worse (all hands 12-16 lose unless dealer busts) so 8/13 times you either lose immediately or your hand does not improve. Only 5/13 times which is about 38% will your hand improve to 17 or better and even then you could still lose the showdown. What am I missing here?

  11. What I’ve done recently on slot machine seems to really work, I’ll put $100 in a machine and if I get it up to 140 or more I cash out then I put another hundred in another machine and do the same thing but if I gamble down to 15 bucks then I get a combos it gets me a hundred and five I’ll cash that out five ahead is better than 80 down I’m a local and we have a casino here so it’s easier for me to use that strategy I’ve won eight times in a row roughly 450 bucks altogether, it just seems like the machines read that hundred and they’re more likely to give you a decent all those small win oh, I found if I just put twenty bucks in and play like that I seem to never win anything I hope this helps someone I love all of your videos keep up the good work guys.

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