Playing within the golden years – 16:9 investigates if casinos are dealing a good hand to the aged. Mary Garofalo studies.

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  1. Millennials and younger are being targeted also now with online gambling, betting. So, they are grooming next generation to think it’s harmless fun and social. More taxes to collect. Not just seniors.

  2. I can confirm that on weekdays (non-summer period), most of the clientele in casinos are all elderly.

  3. These seniors do it because A: No family is around and B: They get a huge kick from the flashing lights and funny noises

  4. 800 million a day in net losses… and that is just what they were able to discover… and they say we have a debt problem… get the elderly jobs at microsoft working computers

  5. No one can blame the government about this casinos we make our own decisions on gambling
    No one is forcing us to go gamble.
    The temptation is everywhere we decide to make or leave.

  6. They are having a good time get over it kids are inly worried about inherentance get a job kids and save you slobs

  7. Seniors on fixed incomes have no compunction to spend hundreds of dollars at the casino, but increase their Medicare premium by a few dollars – and it’s time to bring out the defibrillator. 😲

  8. If they are living at a nursing home
    where are they getting the money?
    I thought the nursing takes all you own
    to live there.

  9. Ok, ok, I am 62 and a half, I hardly ever win at the casino, but it beats sitting home bored to tears, I don’t go every day, my bills are paid, plenty of food in the house, so mind your business and stay out of mine, lmao. What is money good for if you can’t do what you enjoy doing 😉

  10. Set a gambling budget and never bring your ATM or Credit cards to the casino, cash only. If your budget is $250.00 a month than thats it. Then you use the $20 food comp for lunch. This is the only way to do it and enjoy it, otherwise you will go broke.

  11. I go to Casinos all the time. And we have mostly elderly on our plane trips. I see the older ones playing, but never big, they can set in front of a penny machine, etc.. for hours.


  13. People this Maria Cortez play responsible ! Rem rents mortgages or if the home is pay rem the taxes ok we all had children they are grown up they were fed diaper schooling ! So kiddos some or most got a career or married children ok good ! Now grands need to have fun be alive happy eat at the Buffett. Even enjoy a dance at the dancing ball room! Now in the world are we to have fun we are tire have thanksgiven once on each in laws home or u are grown up have friends over ;! Goodness we also need space ! So we come rested and enjoy u big children 👶🏻 we need time to our selfs !! Look once we died in that box fun will over no more so now is our time ! We are happy 😃 . But please seniors be careful play with responsibility rem having fun don’t mean being pen ny less♥️👌😎🙏😃enjoy your savings but rem play careful there’s a lots of fun penny machines if u win big stop save and take a out a smaller bil to keep on playing with moderation ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇺🇸🙆🏻‍♀️👍🙏

  14. Its good for these elderly to play a little bit don’t take the cards so they can track u down bring 50 dollars n enjoy urself eat n don’t die lonely n bored tgey shoyld allow them to play penny machines n nickle machines they should allow them out of tge casino at 6 pm

  15. Ok…we seniors have NOTHING else to do. Casinos…get to chat n laugh…etc….yes…u forget ur problems….but gambling dies have horrible consequences.

  16. It’s THEIR money. THEY worked for it. Their children are NOT entitled to shit when they die. Let them gamble their money away if they enjoy it. Sounds like a bunch of entitled crybabies just waiting for their inheritance money.

  17. BOTTOM LINE – they will target anyone, they are not picky who’s money they take. EVIL that our government overlooks because of all the $$$ they bring in. S T A Y A W A Y!!!!

  18. I am 86 years old and drive 1200 miles to Las Vegas to gamble once a year. When I can’t drive to Vegas, it means that I am not capable of gambling either. I am smart enough to play only craps with 20X odds and $5 minimum. I quit when I lose $700 or win $1700, whichever comes first. When I win, it is a free vacation and when I lose, I debit it as a recreational expense. When my brains go, it’s time to stay home.

  19. The care facility management should ensure the rent is paid before they board the casino bus. LOL!

  20. Ya we don’t understand when we see this in casino. .what they do with this money they barely able to even walk. ..some I have seen with oxygen cylinder. ..

  21. Of course if u got addicted to casino u gamble !!!! If you are responsible with principles first! Then have fun! When we are dead no more fun, the old need to have fun ? Have a penny casino in the senior center! They have fun are safe ! I brather have my love one in having fun 😞😍! People will have bingo too Buffett s. Sodas punch drink and variety’s of gifts give away just like a real casino ! There can be care off protected by bad people please seniors that will be fun there will be non alcoholic drinks Save your winnings for more fun penny machines ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙆🏻‍♀️🙏🇺🇸❤️

  22. Gambling has a lot of similarities with drinking. Most people can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or enjoy a beer or two at a ballgame and it’s not a problem at all. For others, they don’t know when to stop and drinking destroys their family, career and health. I enjoy playing poker once or twice a month but I only buy in with chips I can afford to lose if things don’t go well. Most players at the table are the same way but I’ve seen some that clearly can’t afford to be there. When those players lose it’s a bit disturbing to see their anger and dejection because you know that they’re going to have to beg, borrow or steal to make their rent payment that month.

  23. Do a story on the weekend, when the younger crowd spends their paycheck trying to impress some hot tail, and the hot tail is all dressed up hoping to get a hook up. Acting stupid, drinking getting drunk, looking to relieve some hormones. Another example of media manipulation.

  24. LOL This is a bit slanted. They go because they want to. No one is forcing them. I have made 100’s of 1000’s and didn’t get addicted. The last time I went was a celebration of 3 month free from cancer 5 months ago. Most of the time I go alone. I don’t want to be held responsible to be in any place at a certain time to meet someone. I play my free play along with maybe $20.00. I have only walked out without winning, maybe 5 or 6 times in 40 years. Sometimes only $200 and other times $30,000 to $37,000. Most times I walk away with at least $2500. When your accountant tells you to stop going because it puts you in a new tax bracket, you listen.

  25. Casinos are like legal crack houses. Where the crack cost alot more and lastest as long as a spin

  26. seniors love casino because they want to noone makes anyone go to casinos and win /;loose money

  27. A friend of mine introduced me to slots and I made $1k first night….15 years later…I’m still gambling. I quit for awhile and got right back after 2 deaths in the family. I became very depressed and gambling ( slots) became my confidant.

  28. Everything in moderation.  Take a bus. Play 2 hours. Take a bus back.  Everyone over 50 is restricted from ATM machines.  Enjoy the company.  Go home and enjoy free penny slots on your computer.  You get $1000 to play. Practice.  Be reasonable with the amount of money you take.  Take money that you are going to have  fun with and loose.  Take a break and enjoy the buffet. Go home saying I had fun!  Good luck!

  29. My guess is that seniors have more money to spend than younger people, and probably a smaller percentage has ‘gambling addictions.’ This report is off base, I think.

  30. Bleeding hearts poking their snouts into other people’s business again? What’s new! Big brother and busy bodies know what’s best for you.

  31. I think a lot of them just do it out of loneliness and boredom sadly. 😔 but maybe for a little fun too…. Who knows. I don’t think they even really care about winning at the end of the day!

  32. They need to concern themselves with their own money why is it when someone gets old people start treating them like they’re their children again

  33. I am very offended by the derogatory comments and remarks that some of these people are saying about the elderly. The “vulnerable”, Etc. Bull!!! You are concerned that an older person be in public for 6 hour’s talking, laughing, having a meal and making new friends. The elderly aren’t held captive!! I am certain that anyone of them knows how to use a phone & call a cab or a friend or family member if they so choose to do so. I am certain that they probably know some of the employees by site by this time & know what the Security folks look like. After hearing the awful & demeaning statements made about the elderly and disabled I am concerned about the Abusive Control Behavior that some of these people are promoting. As for the man who lost all his material items in life.. You came into this world with nothing. You are still alive and kicking & should be focusing on why God saw fit for you to wake up this morning and what you are here for & get on with it. As far as your family goes….. that’s not what family act’s like. You know their true colors stay away from people who are not human beings… there’s a difference

  34. Just close the casinos…. Its all a part of the matrix… Keeping you running in place like a rat… Hence the rat race…

  35. Gambling and poker machines are incredibly evil incredibly unproductive , I have lost enough and I have realise it’s a huge scam it did take one night of going into a casino saying I’ll just spend this $50 I ended up losing $1,000 in that very same night and that was enough for me !! Incredibly evil casinos are destroying the fabric of society when you don’t win it makes you incredibly angry , first you will win then you will lose big time as the bets get higher

  36. They usually make 45 cent bets and win huge jackpots while you drop thiusands. All over the world

  37. This is well-intended, but the images of slot machines are a trigger for those of us who are gambling addicts.

  38. Indeed the casinos are targeting seniors — the young — the old. Older people get to still have some fun. The problem is people who spend too much. The person (Ken) is absolutely right — you get to be with friends, not be sick, etc. If you bet minimum, then you can still have fun. Gambling Addiction is another problem. I am DISABLED .. I can play baseball, badminton, volleyball etc. I can hobble around the casino — make some money, lose some money (more than I win). They money goes back to the Ontario government. Tou don’t live long.

  39. The casino rig these machines so that one in 100 thou wins any kind of big money these seniors would be better off in bingo halls which cost less to play or play pro line which is also cheaper

  40. It’s by choice we don’t have to be a gambler, drugs users, smokers etc.. but it’s out there you choose what you want to do with your life and how to live it. Just subbed to this channel to see what people have to say. Thanks and have a good day.

  41. The way I see it, it is our money. If we want to gamble so be it. I certainly am not going to give it to the charities to give to themselves instead of helping people. My kids love for us to go.

  42. You actually did it to yourself Ken. You owed your kids or grandkids nothing so why they want to have nothing to do with you because you squandered your life savings is effin crazy!

  43. I recommend you watch casino with Robert dinero.and for that man that lost everything.let it ried with Richard duriffus

  44. When I was going to casinos some times good some bad but I meet so many people that were awesome. when you win you share with others it’s good karma it’s good luck. You got to know when to hold them.know when to folde them.

  45. We drink we fart we laugh we win ! Let me say my adult kid we got 8 of them well u should hear the messages they leave us in the week ends! One of said mom dad please come back I got no where to cook I got my house fumigation we had a problem of ants! Oh well they can eat out my husband said! The other one our daughter said mom I need a baby sitter badly! They call me over time ! Oh well I said leave them to Jed she said oh no he’s went to the club ! I said well pay a sitter!!!!! Next day was brutal my daughter said I hope u all aren’t gambling a lot! Ha !! That day I went in with three hundred came out with 4000 thousand ! So kiddos u got married u fix it we are old and happy till our lord comes calling for us we are ready ! Ha ! We bath you all diaper u all were fed so we are on our honey 🌙

  46. Great idea for a video – the commercials vs reality. Most people don’t realize those “old folks” in casinos might be gambling away their life savings. Very sad.

  47. I sympathize with Ken…I know how he feels. I have lost over $800K in the last 8 years in the local casinos and playing the Ohio Lottery Scratch Offs.

  48. Casino target everyone….all companies target everyone. Phone calls every morning saying my warenty is up….I dont have one. A police station asking for my social security number on the phone. Americans have become experts at the scam….not just casinos.

  49. And… it’s THEIR money. They’re going to die in a few years anyways… it’s just a bunch of greedy children complaining that they aren’t going to get a handout when their parents die.

  50. Such a stupid question are casinos targeting seniors you just must be kidding me news Channels are getting bored man that’s so stupid!!!casinos target everyone!!!! They don’t care if you young or rich or old and poor all they care about is if you have that dollar for vending machine

  51. You know, one thing I have discovered about gambling addicts. They become compulsive liars and are masters of excuses. It’s so sad to watch. My best mate is hooked on horse racing because 25 years ago he was earning big money playing NRL. He was a mainstay for a long time and became used to the high life. Sadly he retired and lost everything. Including his family. its so sad

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