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  1. Ashkenazi Jews own the majority of casinos, they also own google and you tube,, so they are not likely to do a video about how casinos cheat their customers…

  2. When Harrahs opened in New Orleans at their temporary location, a Vietnamese crew swapped blackjack shoes with the dealer in on the fix. They took so much money that Harrahs closed until their permanent structure was built.

  3. I am very familiar with the Phil Ivy case and you are way off on the facts. What else are you wrong about?

  4. casinos have the right to protect their income, most casinos have huge bank debts, high operating costs, in some cases the cheaters made like $5million in a year, when the casino’s own net profit was just $5.5million. Or at least cheat them moderately, maybe cheat them out of no more than $0.5million per year.

  5. making marks on cards to tell when they come up is cheating,if the company that made the cards sold them with flaws,in you notice what cards are what that is not cheating,as with what phil ivey did,

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