San Antonio Raceway got a BIG surprise when these two cars showed up late at night to have some fun! Our friend Leo with Performance HQ brought his Ferrari LaFerrari $1.35 Million Hypercar with 949 horsepower to battle it out on the 1/4 mile against his own $950,000 Porsche 918 Spyder with 886 horsepower driven by his son, Connor. The results weren’t quite what we were expecting, but that’s racing! Plenty of bets, drama, and fun were had at the track. In the future, we’d love to see these square off in a roll race to see how things go when traction isn’t an issue!

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  1. Those people act like the yokels in my country, who suddenly get rich because they work for the corrupt government.

  2. I don’t care if I go to jail but I will beat the living shit out of here for talking to 1320 videos

  3. Duh u dummy’s the Wicked 918 made a lil less horsepower that the LaFerrari but did u guys even notice the torque the 918 made? Basically an insane 900ft ibs of Torque those silly Horsepower guys think just cause it’s got more horse means 💩 when u can buy a car with wicked torque and great power! 🤘🏻

  4. Maybe next time you can edit that dumb girl out! She totally ruined the video for me.. Didn’t even get to watch the whole video

  5. Yeah next time leave the gold digger off the video! Annoying affff! Bet she wouldn’t go near that track if the dude had a Honda Civic 🤣

  6. Won’t lie I have a 2000 trans am that after my build costed roughly 40k and I run 8’s the whole thing is a waste of money these cars are a joke to me…. also gotta love the gold diggers. She is ugly as F too lol.

  7. What a dumb c word. My girl would never act like that no matter how much money I make, and funny part is it’s his daddy’s $$ and toys. He looks like the dude in the club who thinks he dances well and thinks his chick is bad, but everyone laughs at behind his back. Fuckin tool 😂

  8. That nervous laughter when you’re trying your HARDEST to be respectful and not put a disrespectful beotch in her place!!

  9. I like the Porsche better. Just to think a mclaren 720S won 2 out 4 races against a 918 on here too. Best bang for your dollar a 720S but that 918 is a work of art. Ferrari just can’t seem to build a car fast enough yet.

  10. They didn’t use launch control and the 918 is AWD it’s obvious who the winner would be. Now use launch control and put a better driver behind the wheel of the laferrari

  11. Jesus do you really have to be intoxicated to race million dollar vehicles…wuts so bad about your life u cant be sober 🙄😤😤

  12. I was gonna write a comment on how much I hate the son and his wife but I can’t seem to find the right words to describe how much I hate them

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