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  1. ey i love your channel ur doing the right thing the game is already dead and theres no reason to grind normal

  2. Lol actually u guys are dumb for believing him go to 3:10 and look aw the admin spun the up wheel but the vid is cut and reshowing us that the admin has spun the down wheel to get a 1-6match
    And he is making kingcasino famous its not a real team he is making it public and famous no admin will keep 100dls in his inventory this is a clip not a real footage

  3. “GrowID : NGEOT”
    “World : KasihArdi”
    ” Always waiting for ur vids for real, im loving your content ❤️ Still Lit as rich guy man 👍 ”


  4. today i play csn in start i have 14dl i lose 4dl =10dl then i win 8dl = 18dl then i win 12dl= 30dl gg

  5. Love the channel i was grinding normaly i watch one of your thats it sub like and bell thanks for the conteny

  6. Man IDk if me Need to watch a csn and me watch u xD and btw if u want donate me go ferrystory xD

    •FREETAXMIDMAN• #since2018
    🤜 Link: CBROSE🇮🇩 🇰🇷
    🤜 Link: CBROSE🇫🇮 🇸🇬
    🤜 Link: CBROSE🇵🇭 🇦🇪
    #Team_Cumback 🌎
    MIN: 5 WLS ~ MAX


    Also checkout our Discord server for further updates.📡

  8. hey umm will you help me get dls from csn i have 8dls at the moment if u help me i will give you pay and a shoutout i have 1.8k on instagram its @erensenqul dm me please i rly need tog et the 45dls i got scammed back

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