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  1. About the RNG, that’s true, however, the game has pay history and percentage, so it does have that algorithm, you have 100 percent chance of hitting the grand if it’s 50 cent bet to a 100 $$ bet

  2. A friend of mine was betting 88 cents on dancing drums and picked the grand worth 15,600.00, would you still recommend a higher bet on games similar to dancing drums?

  3. The way you talk, remind me of one of my grandsons. He’s talented, hilarious and honest to at fault.

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  5. I be scared to bet pass $3 lol I got lucky one day and won over $800 betting 50 Cent spin and then won $700 playing $2.50 a spin on 10 cent denom

  6. As strange as it sounds, I found I win more when I use $100 bills. Even if I don’t intend to play all of it in 1 machine. ( I, always, only take what I can afford to lose). I see people putting $20 in machines all the time, lose it then another $20 then another $20. A professional gambler I met once gave me this tip and it seems to work pretty well. I just can’t figure out why lol.

  7. My question to you sir is at the end of the year, are you up or down in total? I received my win/loss statement and seems every year im down. Thx for the tips!

  8. I’ve won most of my hand pays typically when I first get on a machine. First 1-20 minutes. HOWEVER. I played this one machine for about 6 hours straight. Yes. 6 hours straight. And I ended up hitting the grand jackpot on $1.25 bet. So I honestly don’t think any of that matters. It’s simply just hitting the button at the right time and that’s basically it. Luck.

  9. Is there a certain denomination from 1 cent to 10 cent that you’ve had better luck on?? Betting the $10 plus bet?

  10. You forgot to mention casino’s pay better on the weekdays, instead of the weekend! Also play during the wee hours, say mid-night to 5 am! I have a lot of luck with these simple strageties.

  11. I agree on the betting high. I would often go to the casino betting $5 a spin but budgeting $1000 for the night. It took me nearly a year to get my first hand pay. Once I started going to 10 cents, I started hitting hand pays about 1 in 4 trips. Also, if you go down $500 betting $5 a spin, it is super rare to dig out. Maybe you hit a bonus for $200 or $300 but it goes right back. Sure it takes longer to lose it but the odds of coming out ahead at that point are slim to none. Anyhow, love the videos and wish I was as lucky as you are!

  12. I have found that when I am short on money, and I am trying to stretch it, if I bet $1.50 or less – I just lose my money. The best amount to bet and build your bankroll is $3.00 (on the right machine) like “More Hearts”. Or that game “Candy bars” always seems to pay. But most slot machines say right on them – to increase your chances bet more. And it only takes an occasional high bet. If your machine is linked to others, and people are pumping money into the games, an occasional high bet can trigger a good hit. These guys that bet $50 a spin, consistently win proportionally small jackpots. A $12.50 bet seems to pay proportionally the best. But what our guy here is saying, instead of spinning the reels 400 times at 50 cents a pull, you would likely do better with 50 spins at $4.00. And if you just want to gamble longer, try the poker machines. But any machine that’s cold will still eat your money. Also, if your machine is hot, bet higher. Sometimes a machine keeps paying no matter how much you raise your bet. One last thing, the amount that you put in before a machine hits varies with the size of your bet, usually.

  13. First you both are a Great looking couple. Second thank you so much for sharing this video. It’s Great content. I agree with you on betting higher. I have a video that I took a chance on betting higher a $950 hit. I will try not to feed the machine. I am learning on walking away. I haven’t got there yet but I will. I just subscribed, and I hit that bell for future videos. I know it’s on a Random Generator, but I love praying. Although my prayers, doesn’t always get answered, but I love praying. I don’t believe turning the volume up high, what do think of that concept? I won my biggest jackpot ever with no sound. You kept popping up in YouTube recommendations. Love your other videos, but this video made me subscribed. Keep up the superfantastic content.

  14. I’ve noticed that if u play min $2 spin on 10cents u get more if u bet $2.50 a spin on 1penny slot then 10 cents .I think u get bigger wins if u bet $10 on 10cents than $10 on a $1

  15. Seriously man I just played a little online after watching. Bumped up my denomination at 10 cents and played $10. The line hits paid so much better and the bonuses led to a jackpot. Great video. Thanks

  16. I have certain machines I wanna play . Occasionally I’ll sandbag a machine — set and wait for a player to get off a machine and see how much they’ve won . If they hit I’ll walk away , if they lost and they were betting low I’ll sit . I watched a lady dump money into a machine and walk away . Sat down , in a few spins won $500 .

  17. I tend to only bet $50/machine, usually min bet but move up and down the denoms, gotta make it last!!
    Best win was $2,500 on piggy banking $2.50 bet 10c denom 😁
    Love your videos, very honest ☑️

  18. What i did was i self excluded myself from all casinos close too i drive 40 mns to 1 casino only. It helps because i have 1000 in my wallet and i think about that long drive and end up just going home.

  19. I must be the only guy that loses all the time..I’ve lost thousands over the last 20 plus years..luv your channel,but believe me you will lose all that money and more in the long run!!

  20. Out of my last 5 jackpots only one has been under $10 bet where I hit the top progressive on life of luxury hit the diamond for $1400 on 90 cent hit 3 on free play on double top dollar $10 denom

  21. I feel the same way about taking what I bring and sitting down in high limit, betting max, but my hubby gets too nervous….😭

  22. You really wanna up your chances at a handpay? Skip right past the $10, $25, and $50 bets and go right for the $1,000 and $5,000 bets at Aria. So much easier. Not sure why nobody’s doing this.

  23. its true, betting high can give you a big win and can also make you be careful..i chase small jackpots now on one cent denomination, the 5K to 3K, I would put in $500 in a one cent machine bet $7.50 max bet and wait for the result, (in NZ the max bet is $7.50 on one cent deno hows that for rip off?) in America i have seen $3 max bet machines so you get more max play out of $500..last 2 weeks since i started doing this i have walked away with 2K each night, profit of $3000.00 thats not too bad..the key here is dont be greedy
    walk away when you have a decent win, its better to take a small win than nothing at all..we all know the house always win so walk away when win big..i have done all the big bets from $10 to $50, and you get some good wins but not life changing lol..

  24. cracking up about the people who do all the weird things when playing. serial tappers. Even worse when there is a couple and both are slapping the screen.

  25. You got any input on what The Big Jackpot say’s about turning up the volume to give a person a better chance to win? (8% better).

  26. I bet small only because I like it to last a lot of hours just because I love to do it, my husband bets big and gets big hand pays, he just won 36k on a25$ machine 2 credits a hit so 50$ I could never do that! Haha I’m skeeerd, but I love my little suspicious things I do with the machine and boy do I talk to it hahaha and cus it 😂 it’s all about timing so it all takes “time” I’ll never be tappy tapperson😄😂

  27. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate your insight. Keep up the videos I enjoying watching them👍🏻

  28. I like how your girlfriend slid in at the end😊😂thanks for tips!!!❤ After I watched your video last Week with the grand on cats hats and more bats…I went and played got my first hand pay on 88 fortunes of 1201.90…then I played cats hats and more bats filled the screen and got 450…thank you so much for the videos I truly enjoy them!!🤑💃🧘‍♀️👀🙏💋

  29. LMAO @ Tip #3 Twisting your nipples🤣🤣🤣 You’re right slappers are my pet peeve… 🤬

    I enjoy your advice! Tip #4 I have played next to some rude people who are upset that they put a lot of money in the machine and then get bitchy when someone sits down and wins. Why not just go home? Instead of ruining a good night out of fun for someone else.

  30. Comment below if there’s any questions you guys have or. A request for a video for me to make in the future addressing anything:)

  31. Believe it or not, I have better luck on low bets. I won 2500 on a 5.00 bet and 1,000 on a 1.50. And few others around 5-800 on .50 bets. But yes good advice if u wanna win more.

  32. In the NW (class 2 – VLT reservation casinos) 20% of their slots are supposed to be “high limit” with up to $20 max wager, but most are still on pennies, and most are lower than $20, ridiculous. This is why I travel to other casinos. Lucky you, you’re in the land of loose casinos. Stay lucky!

  33. # 1 is so true. I only bring a few hundred bucks and if I lose it, I stop and go home and live the fight another day. Happened last week at the casino. I bet $300 bucks on Best Bet Lightning Link and got nada.

  34. Class 3 casinos uses RNGS CLass 2 casinos uses VLTS Video Lottery Terminals which is pre-determined. Yes you are correct higher denominations has lower house edge and higher payback percentage. At least in the U.S.A. on land based casinos. Casinos value high rollers so they are more generous with those who risks more $$$

  35. Iwe saw a lady win a $700.000 jackpot, she was betting $3 a press………. We saw a lady win a $20.000 .jackpot, she was betting low, low, then a $2 press……. Yes we agree, if you throw in at least a few $12.50 bets, you can win over $1000.. Not often but can happen.

  36. 10.33 -There she is!🙋‍♂️🤘

    Thanks for your transparency.
    Win/Loose it’s all good content. 👊

  37. I can’t afford 10 dollars bets 😆 most people can’t. I’m lucky on 2-5 dollars bets I’ve gotten plenty of handpays other than that good advice. Take care ya filthy animal lol I’m kidding love ya godbless byee 🙏🍀

  38. When you said bet higher I thought you was gonna say something that I have always said. Example lots of people max bet on pennies for 3.00-500 right? Meanwhile they should max bet on 1.00 machines for the same money with a way better chance of RTP average. Another thing I’ve always said. If your going to play 5-15 dollar a spin you should be playing in the high limit rooms that’s just my opinion. I think RTP is much higher in there. Well I have spoken. Lol. Your a lucky guy

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