Making a living playing slots can be a part-time supplement to your other household income or be a full-time career. Whatever level of profit is your financial goal, you’ll need to know how to win at slots. Further, you’ll need to be able to succeed using skills you’ve developed and not fully depend on luck-based winning.

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  1. It makes me wonder how do professional gamblers get the money to gamble at casinos hours on end what do they do spend there while life savings I think it's unhealthy being a professional gambler the machines will mess up there eyes and the way they think especially now the pandemic Is goin on how in the world could they survive the way the world is today being a professional gambler should be against the law because it's not healthy it causes harm to there selfs

  2. I've made a living from slots since I was 16 years old in the United Kingdom, I'm now 45 years old and still do it but I also make money from poker , it's been a very interesting journey.

  3. You can possibly be the very very few that earn a living gambling just like hitting a jackpot out of thin air. So might as well find other means of non-gambling income like 99.99% of the population does

  4. Not only am I making a career of play slot machines, I am professional life long learner. I love your channel. My daughters and I are already great slot players. Through we have the opportunity to fine tune our skill.

  5. If you did make slots as a profession the first buyer will be the casino and they would do what ever could to crush us.

  6. Great video…I would enjoy this as a living….getting the consistancy in wins is the trick….and leaving the Casino when you win..(quickly) lol…I enjoy making the Slot play videos and have been stopped only once so I haven't done the contract route for recording…so far hasn't been an issue….I will give your ipod cast video a watch…Thanks for the great content..Good Luck..

  7. gambling is forbidden 🚫alcohol and gambling, idols and divining arrows are abominations from the work of satan. Avoid them, in order that you prosper.
    (you will never bet someone more experience than you are )

  8. One reason to file as a professional gambler is to be able to claim expenses related to gambling. If you are a recreational player you still have to pay tax on your winnings but cannot deduct airfare, hotel and food. I have been a professional gambler for many years. I started as a Blackjack card-counter. Then moved to more advanced blackjack and table games advantage plays. Since January 2020 I have made over 90% of my income from slots. Never would have believed something so easy (compared to shuffle tracking or card-counting for example) could be so profitable. I think I could prove that the way I play slots is skill based but I hope I don't have to.

  9. Is this some sort of a joke?? I was searching you YouTube to see if the is someone dumber then Joe Biden, I guess I found them. Do people actually believe they can win at slots? I used work for casinos in early 2000s and I have seen people loose business, homes etc… After winning huge jackpots. That's is exactly what gets you hooked. Gambling is not entertainment, is a horrible addiction. Silent and extremely addictive. Stop lying to people, I have never gambled even when I worked at one. Don't listen to these idiots. Don't gamble, you have no chance in winning at slots, look at Las Vegas. A lot of winning players paid for it. He is a degenerate gambler.

  10. Love for you to go live one day on low limits to see and work your way up to 5.00 and 10.00 bets.

  11. Mark Twain headed west to make it big in the gold and silver rush, yet he never made it in mining, but instead made a living from writing/publishing in those communities where miners lived. Could being a professional slots player mean selling services to slots players? Certainly Brain Christopher is a slot player, but how much is he making from YouTube and his merchandise? Francine Cipriano, aka Lady Luck HQ, has done a video about how much she made off her $18,000 jackpot video – spoiler – almost as much as the jackpot.

  12. I stop playing for (5) years, so i could study slot playing like a job. I talked to many people who claim to be professional slot players, i studied there philosophy and logic about machines, only to find that they really did not know anything about the machines. I then set out to prove that I knew more than them and began to make a steady income from promo money, i started at receiving $ 5.00 a week to $ 2500.00 per month, a steady $ 500.00 per week. I then proceeded to have my friends who really did not know how to gamble on slots, to allow me to bring there monthly promo from there $ 5 and $ 10 weekly promos to $ 500.00 per week. I did this for at least 6 months, I stopped because i could, i needed to see how long the promo stayed in play. I have done this at the riverboats and in Vegas. I am now waiting for the right time to head back to Vegas.

  13. Thanks Professor. I was always curious if anyone could play slots professionally and if so what kind of living that would be. I have never met someone who did but would like to. I an curious to know how enjoyable and rewarding it is. I always thought slots was different than say Poker and Handicapling horse races in that you are playing against the house aka the Casino. instead of other opponents. Therefore much harder to succeed at because the hkuse has the edge. I appreciate you clarifying what professionally means. Continued success with the channel!

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