Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss 8 things to never do in a casino. They explain why you should never do these eight things and, if they are not avoided, how they can lead you to having a very bad casino experience. Topics covered include: drinking too much alcohol; getting a credit card cash advance; over-betting your bankroll; chasing your losses; getting a credit line; cheating; taking credits left on a slot machine; and blaming other players, or dealers, for your losses.

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  1. At Detroit Casinos, people are known to steal credit on the slot machines. They don’t enforce the rules on credit thief.

  2. I found credits on a machine. I cash the ticket out and gave it to the slot attendant. This is at MGM in Detroit.

  3. You forgot one that I wish you put in number eight or if you could’ve come up with a ninth one I wonder if anybody has ever done this and gotten arrested break the slot machine or try to physically open the door and put a slot machine on the service because I suspicions that someone did that in Vegas because I was in front of my machine what is the door kept

  4. I am going Fri. To Indian Casino . Haven’t been in a year. I got a bank roll. I feel like to leave half at home.
    But no fun…

  5. Casino mixed up the slots machine with high amount and low amount .carefully what machine you play on

  6. this is just common sense advice, anyone should know this but, there’s many who don’t & that’s where they get the $$$$

  7. Thanks guys. I knew all of what you said and practice it whenever I go to a Casino. ONE thing I didn’t know was about the money left on a Slot Machine Rule. I gamble mainly in Cripple Creek and have seen a few times where money was left on a Slot but thought someone would be back to continue their play. Here, a person can either prop/lean their chair on the front of the machine which tells people they’ll be back or you can get a placard at the Cash Booth that reads, “THIS GAME IN PLAY” DO NOT TOUCH”. Good to know about the money left though. I never knew that.

  8. Respect to the guy who kept it 100 on how much he lost in one night. I hope you’ve hit jackpots ever since my friend.

  9. I put $20 in a dollar W.O.F. $1slot. I won $500 on the third spin. I cleared the machine and went to the next one. Inserted another $20 plus what was left from the original $20. Two more spins, I got the W.O.F. once again. This time I got $750! $1,250 in about 10min. I cashed out and left immediately! A good night for sure.

  10. Left over $500 in a slot machine…security says “you walk away, you forfeit it”…they did search their system and found a woman had played it for a while before cashing out…I never saw a penny…

  11. If you have to go #2 and will lose your hot machine, get a big coin bucket, say your from SF

  12. if someone puts a bet on a craps table and then leaves the table, the bet keeps winning and the dealer has to keep multiplying the bet, can i take this bet down and keep it since the original bettor left?

  13. Taking left behind credits is called scooping. I got in trouble for it once because I was barely 21 and it was my 1st time in a Laughlin casino. When security found I was a guest at the hotel, they gave me a warning and educated me. If I hadn’t been a guest, they said I would have been 86’d.

  14. So what about a case of where somebody has a ticket of a minimal amount, say, under a dollar and leaves it laying on the machine, and the next guy grabs the ticket and uses it for his own play – that would also be something that you could get arrested for?

  15. DON’T GO TO A CASINO … then no need to worry about 8 things to never do in a casino.
    –> SAVE YOUR $$$$

  16. If you are in a pub an the old folks are winning it’s Robin hood day get the hell out ..but you see em depressed go big go hard

  17. The video does not always work. Twice I’ve had my winning bet claimed by someone else….check the record..I have to SHARE MY WINNINGS with a stranger..just because I played cash chips and the camera was not on.

  18. This doesn’t make sense.So you go in expecting to LOSE! What is the point? Psychology would lean you toward the positive side thus creating a void thinking in your Psychological way of put it simply,if you want to try and maintain a complete happy state of mind and really enjoy your time at the casino. JUST STAND AND WATCH THE FUCKING GULLIBLE ARSEOLES LOSE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY AND PHYSICALLY SHRINK IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES. When you walk out without losing a cent,that chuckle to yourself will make your day complete.

  19. I wonder how they pay for all them nice beautiful buildings and all those employees. How do they do it?

  20. That last story is funny, and number 6 thing not to do, never go diving at the card dealer that can body slam you into the floor!

  21. That last bit was amateurish advice: If a dealer is on a lucky streak then go to another table.sometimes dealers just get hot and its just best to move to another table. Every see a table go from hot to cold when a new dealer takes over? Best advice: Move.

  22. Most importantly 1 thing never to do is go into casino with your social security check and spend it all in 1 hour . That’s what a lot of people do and there’s nothing else left for the rest of month to live on. Only go with what you are willing to lose if you do lose or can afford.

  23. You guys must be paid by casino security telling people to worry about cents left on a slot! No casino worries about that and service techs are always cashing that out when they see it in Biloxi

  24. Not sure how you can get drunk on the free drinks they serve on the casino floor – they are often diluted.

  25. When you go to Casino don’t think you will win, In this business every one is a looser the slot machines been made by the smart people. One more advice don’t take your Bank card with you

  26. It is hard not to get a little upset when a blackjack player makes a decision that most would never make. And negatively effects your outcome. But is why I don’t play blackjack.

  27. Three rules of a professional gambler. 1.) Never bet on a game or with a person who is better at winning than you are. 2.) Never bet on something that is unexpected to happen. 3.) No matter how many times you bet against someone or something that is better at losing than you are and no matter how many times you make a bet that is expected to happen be prepared to lose. It is, after all, gambling and you can lose or else it would be a sure thing and not gambling.

  28. Won a straight flush playing 3 card poker ended up winning $3,300. Yup, in the bag with to many drinks and have no idea where that money went. Very true, don’t drink and gamble. Thanks.

  29. I Despise interloping gamblers at black jack tables. STFU!!!
    Its MY money and MY game, I’ll play the way I want.
    I’ve heard “you have to protect the table”…..Bull SHIT….I play for ME….Its MY money.
    I play basic strategy with a bit of a variation based on my gut…..This woman at first base went into a near meltdown because I was using basic strategy. All the while she’s barking out suggestions to the other people at the full table.
    One hand the dealer is showing a 3 ., I have 14. I stand. She goes postal after she loses. “YOURE SUPPOSED TO HIT ON THAT!!!!! I saw the pit boss come a little closer and I glanced at him and he could see I was about to cut loose on this banshee. I gives me the ” I got this look”…With that, two security people are standing about 4 feet behind her on both sides.
    THe next outburst from her 5 mins later and she was escorted off the property.

  30. I found a $200 credit on a machine once….I printed the ticket and literally RAN to the nearest security guard and showed it to him. He escorted me to the proper personnel who then took the ticket. They thanked me for my honesty.
    I’d HATE to accidentally leave a credit on a machine and have some asshat thief walk away with it.

  31. and that is if one plays black jack and flat bets through their entire session.
    I take the table minimum amount times two than divide that number into my bank roll.
    So, if the table minimum is $15 which is typical for most casinos once the ‘evening shift’ begins. Typically around 5 or 6 pm.
    Take that $15 times two= $30…If you sit in with $300, you have ten plays. That’s it. Not a good idea. I’ve seen where dealers get hot and an clean out a gambler with a bank roll of $500 in a matter of minutes.
    I was at a $5 table in the morning, 8 am..,…..A guy sits in with a single $500 chip. He colors in. Couple blacks the rest, in greens ( 25) and reds (5).
    He was playing basic strategy, although he was doing some things which left me confused, but there is one thing I NEVER do at a table, that is comment on what others are doing with THEIR money. If I don’t like the way they are playing( black jack) I color out and leave the table. Anyway, I had been at the table for about 90 mins. I was up about $150. New dealer came in and I lost a couple hands. It was time to scoop my profit and go. I decided to watch the $500 guy.
    He was crushed by this dealer. She dealt herself 20 or 21 with three black jacks 7 consecutive times. He lost the $500. I thanked my good judgement for walking away from this dealer who was a walking money vacuum

  32. Iv never been to a casino and they just announced they are building one in my town. I already have a problem with scratch of tickets I think I need move away 🤣

  33. “Now you swear, and kick and beg us.
    That your not a gambling man.
    Then you find yourself in Vegas, with a handle in your hand”

  34. The guy on the left of the video is funny looking Gayshas who really need a makeover.

    Gurl the facial hair and eyebrows really need to be shaved off.

    Also a good time to go to a hairdresser and get something done to that hair honey.

    Werk it y’allz jejeje 🤪

  35. What about finding money on the floor or poker chips that someone dropped and did not know. Is it finders keepers or illegal to take the money or chips you find on the floor?

  36. So if there’s credits just cash it out and give the slip to a worker its not that hard also the casino is looking for ways to not pay a jackpot to you so why risk it it just takes a tiny bit of common sense and thinking ahead

  37. The No.0 rule – Don’t even enter the casino if you don’t have a long term edge. Only play if your overall return is more than 100%.

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