Het belazeren van en door online casino’s gebeurt sinds dat ze bestaan. In deze compilatie laten we 9 goede, grote en slimme online casino rip-offs zien.
Welke vind jij het beste?

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  1. That is so easy to see….. Black is 100 green is 25….. This is why before you deal a card you sweep the table looking at all bets….. fix the ones that are wrong and then deal…. ONLY A LAZY DEALER WOULD FALL FOR THIS…. I know…. I taught dealers for 15 years step by step on how to deal and watch a table….. so this is a lazy dealer….

  2. Edge sorting is NOT a scam.

    The Casino provided the cards and the players figured out how to take advantage of what THE CASINO
    had provided.

  3. I’m not sure I can see the reasoning behind the first scam. In my view, how would the dealer know what card is in the top of the pack, and how could either party benefit or be persecuted from this action ?

  4. Man, the shit-eating face of that first dealer from betonline.ag just screams “sleazeball”.

  5. these chip ‘swiping’ techniques will get you arrested in a heartbeat. don’t try that at your local casino lmfao, what a load of bollocks.

  6. The problem with adding higher value chips on top of a closed bet won’t work, because the dealers are trained to stack the higher value chips on the bottom to prevent chip stacker.

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