That is the Betway Animal Kingdom Cup – an amusing, animated fantasy race between 10 of the world’s quickest land animals, set across the distance of the enduring Ascot racecourse.

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It is generally recognized that the cheetah is the quickest residing factor on land, able to reaching speeds of as much as 75 mph – however may he sustain the tempo over a four-mile, two-furlong journey? May he outlast the likes of the brown bear, the lion and the pronghorn antelope? Or is the common-or-garden thoroughbred race horse the very best suited spherical this distance in any case?

Utilizing actual pace and endurance knowledge from sources together with Nationwide Geographic, WWF, and Guinness World Data, we simulate how a race between these famend pace demons would possible play out – if it ever bought the go-ahead to run at Royal Ascot…

The sector: Cheetah, horse, greyhound, pronghorn, ostrich, brown bear, lion, brown hare, black rhino, kangaroo.


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  1. • Pronghorn: 1st Place
    • Horse: 2nd Place
    • Ostrich: 3rd Place
    • Bear: 4th Place
    • Kangaroo: 5th Place (Last to finish)
    • Rhino: Did Not Finished (Can only run 1 mile)
    • Greyhound: Did Not Finished (Can only run 500 meters)
    • Brown Hare: Did Not Finished (Escaped for safety)
    • Cheetah: Did Not Finished (Can only run 300 meters)
    • Lion: Did Not Finished (Can only run 100 meters)

  2. 0:36: “F*** This Race.” —Lion
    0:43: “Right, That’s me done. I’m knackered.” —Cheetah
    0:50: Poor Lion, he thinking about this love.
    1:23: Rhino stops instantly

  3. All these animals are slow (animals period), when they can go a hundred something miles per hour, come talk to me! 😉You need to replace all these animals with machines like a bullet train, freight train, jet, motorcycle, regular car, van, race car, airplane, bulldozer, truck, bus and etc, they’re the real fastest things in the world (not calling animals objects), even though they’re literally just machines, but animals can’t run that fast (a bulldozer, truck and bus aren’t that fast though, but they need to be in the race to compare speed). I don’t get what’s so impressive about these animals, all machines in my race going their full speed!!!! 😊 Us being the dominant species, should be way faster than (well we can run longer), all animals, but since we are sit and wait predators or don’t have to be chased down prey, we don’t need to run 90 mph or 100 mph (no animal can run those speeds, BTW) because we’re the…. DOMINANT SPECIES!!!! Yes, humans and animals are all slow, if there is a fast creature, it’s definitely not on the ground, in the air for sure!!!!

  4. 1st: pronghorn (53 mph)
    2nd: horse
    3rd: ostrich (43 mph)
    4th: brown bear (31 mph)
    5th: kangaroo (last one To win)
    6th: Black rhino (34 mph)
    7th: greyhound (45 mph)
    8th: brown hare (45 mph)
    9th: cheetah (70 mph)
    10th: lion (33 mph)

  5. You do know the hirse would have won. The fastest horse speed ever recorded was 54 mph and wild horses can go over 100 miles in a single day? Since this didnt have a stupid person sitting on its back whipping the crap on its back, it would have been the obvious winner.

  6. Kangaroos should have been at least third they can hop it over 40 miles an hour so they’d be tied with the horse and just in front of the bear who usually only goes to about 30 or 35 miles an hour.

  7. The person who said a cheetahs can run for 15 second is a idiot have they even seen a cheetahs run after a antelope i mean come on

  8. I love this
    But I think it should be
    #1 Pronghorn (60 Mph)
    #2 Ostrich (35 -45 Mph)
    #3 Kangaroo (35 – 40)
    #4 Horse (25 – 40 Mph) Sorry Horse Fans But The Fastest Race Horses Can’t Run For Long But The Horse Would Be In The Lead For A While Even After The Horse Is Out Of Breath (After About 11/2 Miles) It Can Still Jog To The Finish Line
    #4 Bear (20 – 25 Mph)
    And Then Everything Else Is Accurate

  9. This video is extremely dumb practically nothing can outrun an ostrich, its top speed is 70km/h and its very fit/has a good condition so it can run at that speed for around 20 minutes or so

  10. All these people saying the cheetah should have won are misinformed. The cheetah can only run at it’s top speed for about 15 seconds. The race lasted around 4 minutes to complete.

  11. It depends on the horse breed. For example, if you were to have a quarter horse racing, it would be faster and stronger in short distance. that’s where is gets its name. The fastest horse to run a quarter mile. but if you were to have a thoroughbred, it would be better at long distance.

  12. I think a horse would win. But it depends on the breed and the horse. Quarter horses run the fastest quarter mile, but thoroughbreds have a little more stamina.

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