A SECRET Change Was Made To Inside Monitor Horse Racing At The Diamond On line casino In GTA 5 On-line! (AFK)
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In at present’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Rockstar have made an enormous, SECRET change to Inside Monitor Horse Racing at The Diamond On line casino & Resort that stops gamers from profitable greater than 3 occasions in a row!


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  1. A SECRET Change Was Made To Inside Track Horse Racing At The Diamond Casino In GTA 5 Online! (AFK)

  2. I just won 4 in a row. They must have changed the 3 win kick rule? Anyone else who got the same experience?

  3. I think that it is unfair to ruin the race track and I keep loosing and this is screwed up I don’t like it at all and it is just ruining the fun and can’t make money back.

  4. It’s been nerfed into oblivion. I’ve not one a single jackpot on slot over 2 months playing, inside track is also rigged. Evens odds still lose.

  5. Rockstar is money chasing.they don’t like it when you make money beacause they want you to buy the shark cards which are over prised.

  6. I’ve been cut off from gambling at the casino for 36 hours now.I played a little of each game but ended up at the inside track and I played for a few days.I wasnt using a glitch or cheating in any way but I was killing it.I started with $100,000 and ended up snowballing it into 3 mil.The day that I got kicked I won the podium car and 1.2mil, so that is about 8mil in gta $ that I took from the casino in 1 day so they didnt like that

  7. 🔥🔥🔥
    🏁🏁🏁best race ever🏎️🏎️🏎️
    1:44 💕🔥💃💝
    👇 👇 👇 👇💖

  8. Inside track farming strategy:
    On solo race bet best odds every time. The horses change every race.
    On public race you can stick to best odds or you can take advantage of the lesser frequency and pick something a lesser odds for a higher pay out. The horses here change when you reload into a new lobby. (Possibly when you exit and enter the casino; I haven’t tested this. Correct me if you know.)

  9. I literally just discovered that you can bank on the inside track legitely last night and went several hours last night and today just farming the track. Can’t say I’ve been kicked even once.

  10. I swear I don’t think rockstar determines who will win the race until after you put the money down. Because lately races haven’t been making any freakin sense. EVENS KEEPS LOSING 70% of the races. And I love how they sometimes will put 2 EVENS races in there to make it even more difficult to win a petty wage. I’m done with Inside Track

  11. I’m curious if they did something to the odds recently bc no matter what I feel like I can’t win a race any mrie

  12. I’ve been doing the low risk glitch but I just spend it right away so I dont lose anything if I get money wiped

  13. It’s interesting how the electricity needed to keep a console running for the that long would probably make it more worthwhile getting a shark card, not that they are worth buying at all.

  14. So basically what rock star is doing is punishing people for playing their game… what a bunch of dumbasses.

  15. So I just went on this video to leave a comment I just played my first inside track race barley knowing anything bet 10k on a 9/1 and won 100k which is lit so I wanted to share no I havent watched this video

  16. yesterday i turned 20 thousand into 1.6 million on inside track… but it was all organic.. took me about 6 hours

  17. If this is true, Rockstar is on some bullshit. Anything to line their pockets. They make it damn near impossible for people to do anything else by hyper inflating prices and making it a grind hard game. This is why I’m at the point where I cant stand Rockstar.

  18. it doesnt even have to be in a row for me
    just three wins and im out. I won two races not in a row i exited the casino came back and won and it still kicked me out and this is completely legit without doing any glitches

  19. I can’t believe people go through so much trouble to have things in this game. What is worth having from this update? It’s so boring now and a majority of it is day 1 fun. Who told R* that penthouse decorations are a better idea than player items like hairstyles, clothing, and guns?

  20. You actually don’t have to join a different session you just have to go to a different game play that game for a couple spins or hands and then come back to the inside track and you can play again

  21. They kick you out of the session after wining 3 TIMES! Using the glitch so only bet on 6 and when you win 2 times stop gambling because the 3rd time will

  22. I actually have been kicked out after winning two then losing two or three and winning one more on the same horse I’ve been kicked out

  23. I’ve been playing the DLC for about two weeks and really like the Track.  100% honest play, #1 95% of the time and after a while, the races go crazy.  Even #1 against #2 5/1 gets beat!?  Suddenly 3,4,5 come out of now where and kill me.  What happened?  I’m not making crazy money, but I play it for a couple hours.  It must think I’m a bot.  And if you get up and cash out some, and go back I get locked out for a while.  Very annoying. lol

  24. Inside track funny Way to make money? Lol gambling isnt suposed to make you money, more the opposite. Unless u do the glitch and whatnot, but its not made for glitches.

    If rockstar sort this out, no one Will use inside track, cuz people know its a money loss like the card games and slot machines.

  25. easy fix for the kick… just bet a minimum of 2k and you can win as often as you want (fair or unfair i guess) without beeing kicked 😉

  26. Mr boss, I need help. I was betting on a horse, and he won. The “ payout “ said 100k, but I never got it.

  27. I think it done by luck if you win 3 times I won 5 times in a row I choosing the right horses its all luck as it is a real life betting

  28. I dont even know how to macro so I obviously don’t do it but why not just set on higher payout horses that would never win 3 in a row but pay out bigger

  29. It’s seriously bs. The horse races and roulette are the absolute easiest ways to win a lot of money. I kept betting on the 6 horse with the most payout and lowest odds and kept betting max or close to and it finally hit for the first time! I got kicked and had to restart my entire game smh

  30. the casino is so crap now always kicking me out its crap i had a whole day in the casino and got kicked out times

  31. Just put a $10 bet or bet on a long shot with all the cash on the multiplayer and it doesn’t kick you out of the single-player

  32. And then not even a month later Rockstar kills the casino no one goes to the casino anymore and there you go GG

  33. Things like this when I play a game legit is about get me out of playing online games I’ll start spending my time on other things in real life

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