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The News crew discusses Cyberpunk Crunch breaking CD’s promise, EA Removing Gambling ads from Magazine, Spider-Man’s character model gets changed and Epic vs Apple Round 3!

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  1. LOL! Okay guys, I’ll cool it with the soundboard. Not only was it too loud, but i wanted to press all the buttons for the first time. No worries I wont annoy you with it in the future. Also fixed the Ekster link! Thanks guys!

  2. We really give a fuck that some devs had to put in 6 days a week for a few weeks? Most Americans do that anyway. And they getting paid? What are we talking about here?

  3. Joe is like an annoying child while the adults try to work. You can totally see the tension between the 2 of them build. Joe gets bored of the news and dude gets annoyed with Joe constantly stopping the flow.

  4. From the 5 minutes it takes for the video to start, to the annoying sound board, to the volume being all over the place from Joe, these videos are getting more annoying than entertaining

  5. Get rid of the sound board, makes your show cringey and corney and lumps you in with the rest of the pages that like to exploit ppl just for add revenue but your show always was different. Please go back to that. Love the show.

  6. W the receipt thing, go pprless via email and in Gmail, have a personal and create a ‘receipt’ inbox 😀 SOOOO much easier and environmentally efficient 👏

  7. I keep my receipts with the items themselves, like with furniture, just keep it in a bottom drawer or in an envelope taped under the edge somewhere. Out of sight, out of mind. You wanna return it just locate the receipt on it. For electronics, keep the receipt in the box. Of course keep the box so you can remember u own it and if you wanna sell it or whatever youll have the original packaging which is a plus.

  8. Angry Joe has been a trash sjw since gamer gate. He is one of those lying male feminist simps who call people ists and phobes without any evidence. Hes trash. This is the main reason I actually believed the girl who came out against him. Simp soyboys are usually the ones who lie and pray on women while pretending they are an “ally”. He isnt.

  9. Just wanted to say I got an Ekster before you guys got sponsored. It’s legitimately awesome. Anyone who reads this I highly recommend. I don’t recommend the tracker card it’s somewhat of a gimmick but the wallet is amazing

  10. AJ is the life and blood of the show. Give the man some respect. He’s very entertaining and deserves the kudos he’s due.

  11. Is there one single comment here that’s about the news and not the soundboard? I know it’s bad but not every single person needs to comment about it.

  12. Those employees were allowed to opt into the 6 day work week, it’s not mandatory that was just perpetuated by Jason Schreier. Even for those that are working the longer periods, those employees are getting paid huge sums of money for their work. You also have to take into account that they have much different systems in Poland as far as things like hospitality and welfare go, it’s not like crunch in the U.S.

  13. bro if you want the soundboard to be well liked. ONLY USE 1 OR 2 SEC SOUND CLIPS!! short and sweet sounds or phrases. and make sure there is no background noise….like the “are you outta your mind” one sounds like your outside.

  14. I’m getting a 4K gaming laptop on my birthday which is October 26th this year. I will be 21.

  15. They are not forcing the crunch, it was overwhelmingly agreed that were gonna get extra pay and everything

  16. you also have to keep in mind every developer will get around $65,000 bonus if the game succeeds, id crunch my ass off for that slice of cake man, and id do it optionally.

  17. they didnt break anything, dont be an idiot Joe not you too. There are always period of time at a job where you work harder than usual, for some people that black Friday, some people its chistmas, some people its summer, some its winter, game developers right before game release to make sure everthing goes smooth. Yall need to stop fkn bitching about bullshit like this.

  18. this wallet looks cool and everything, but I’m just curious how does it look like when OJ puts all of his stuffs in it.

  19. Constructive criticism: Joe, focus more on good sound editing, I can hear Alex and OJ clearly but you sometimes break into inaudible mumble. Stop wasting time with annoying sound board.

    Also, please limit interrupting Alex mid-sentence with off topic stuff. Other than that, show is great.

    Keep on keeping on

  20. I’m obviously not for crunch, but it’s easy for you to say “it’s not that big of a deal” if they delay it because you always have a thousand games to play. I love video games, but I’m picky about what I like. I’ve been patiently waiting a year for a game that I’m interested in to come out and this one has already been delayed twice, it was supposed to come out in April… I don’t understand how much work could possibly still need to be done. Hire more people, or just release it! A few bugs at launch won’t be the end of the world. This has been a really garbage year and I’m sick of waiting for games to come out, I need that escape.

  21. I’m not going to watch this video but the title makes it look like joe is reporting a false story about the crunch.

  22. Love the AJS news…but getting really bad. The constant interruptions and the soundboard is killing the channel. Alex is awesome and puts a lot of work into this segment and he trying….need less Angry Joe on his own show.

  23. Still not ok with the soundboard. Please designate times for it and not in the middle of people speaking.

  24. Yo Joe! I just now bought the wallet! Thank you for the discount man!
    Long live the Angry Army!!

  25. I love Joe, but Alex is like that one teacher just patiently waiting for that one kid to just be quiet. I’m a teacher, and I do this to my students all the time :^)

    I think Joe needs to bring it down just a bit, from up here ^

    to down here v

  26. I’ve got two ekster wallets. I’ve been hesitant to get the new aluminum since i had the VIP email, but now after seeing how it looks in the actual vid ill hop for it 🙂
    Edit: It will *always* be a conversation starter when you press the trigger & the cards pop up lol, Ridge is cool, but I’ve always felt this one is way cooler.

  27. I thought there wasn’t actually a crunch, cyberpunk devs voted to do an extra day over time for 6 weeks instead of delaying the release another 6 weeks?

  28. AJ is such a child with the soundboard, messages are too long, unrelated, long, annoying, distracting, dumb.

  29. Do some research. Turns out the reporting on CD Projekt Red crunch was a lie. The staff were asked if they wanted to delay the game. They said no. How is that “forced overtime”

  30. the soundboard isnt too terrible but i think we just love this specific show for the more serious discussions about whats happening in the space. without some dank meme effects loll. but you look like youre having fun with the new stuff and i’m glad you are. c:

  31. i feel like its without statement assumed that if a big deal thing is about to launch obviously people are going to work hard af near the end. specially them the way they try to make anything they do perfect.

  32. Thanks Jo Brightens my week up watching your channel.
    I’ve also ordered a wallet,as mine is worse than little Joes 😂

  33. Joe stop it with the sound bites, its unbelievably cringe, I wish Alex would right hook Joe everytime he touches that damn thing.

  34. I don´t mind the sound board I just think maybe the sounds should be cut better so the intended sound actually comes when you press instead of a couple seconds late like oj´s babas sound clip
    also maybe stay away from long clips it interrupts you for too long and you just sit awkwardly while you wait, like the “there must be war, something something”.

  35. Cyberpunk was shown off first at the 2013 E3 it’s been 7 years in the making. I’m so glad that it’s finally coming out.

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