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The News Crew discusses FIFA’s former CEO saying its NOT Gambling, the Top Hat Game Censorship Controversy, Gamestops Low Holiday Sales, and the Borderlands Film!

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  1. Why play a video game of a real life game… I’m not surprised humans that do this are being “exploited”, they deserve to be.

  2. Wow, the take of Joe on the news of _Sense: a ghost cyberpunk story_ ….. Saying that is both ways and that bs, was very weak and disappointing.

  3. As African American man I’m gonna say this: do these “feminist” & “moms” not know that there are women that are naturally thicc like that. This kind of reminds me of when white soccer moms, got upset about Mrs. incredible in Pixar’s the Incredibles. In all honesty though with all these full lips & big booty female characters in video games you’d think most of them would be black, but every excuse to not do that I guess. I can only dream. Personally I am a feminist but my own brand, isn’t feminism about supporting women’s rights which includes female bodytype diversity. 🤦🏾‍♂️ folks be stupid

  4. Maybe this is optimistic but what if they are getting the psychologist so they can enhance their vr game experience? Yeah that sounds far fetched but maybe? I haven’t read the article so yeah I’m probably wrong lol

  5. Today: “VALVe is Recruiting psychologists”

    Tommorow: “Half-Life 3 is confirmed to be a psychological horror”

  6. i bet women with boobs that big are happy to finally be represented in mainstream games

    Edit” i said this before Joe did

  7. I disagree with Joe and Alex they should put some censoring for kids that go on steam so these “adult” games don’t show up for them on the store page.

    Though if you ask me I prefer for them not to be there to begin with.

  8. Big tiddies sell, what can we say? All humble anime games sell out, that says it
    They are just salty and jealous probably

  9. Let’s play devil’s advocate:
    Technically it is not gambling: you never loose completely, you just risk of getting shitty items but you never loose completely your money, right? I remember as kids in Europe we had Panini Football stickers where you bought packs of stickers like 0,50 Ct for 5-7 stickers and you never knew which one were inside so you had to trade etc.
    This is not gambling. Isn’t a lootbox or FUT-pack the same principle?

    I hate them and I will never spend any cent on any lootbox. People complain but still spend a billion dollar a year on them. Who is here to blame?

  10. Btw for TopHatGamings Sense game, one of the developers even refuted an SJW who tried to say the girl had unrealistic proportions… by saying that she (the developer who drew those women) that she is in fact… very similar to the game character, even going so far to post a picture of herself to disprove the SJW

  11. I think Kevin heart would make a extremely hilarious clap trap type character, especially if they can get Dewayne Johnson in as well.

  12. Peter Moore is not a “serial killer” he’s a murder enthusiast it’s not like he leaves any witnesses

  13. To be fair Peter Moore has presided over the most successful era of Liverpool Football Club in decades and in that time they’ve done some fantastic business deals and transfers, these types of people EA will always be attracted to.

  14. Censorship is wrong regardless. Stop trying to justify it with the phrase “inciting violence” it’s nonsense

  15. I can see psychologists start losing their licenses left and right in the not to distant future haha. Okay people are getting pissed at a game that’s for ADULTS because of females with big boobs. But those same f*ckin people probably buy their kids GTA:V and CoD…..Fuck outta here.

  16. EA is not a gaming company. It is a corporate raider that preys exclusively on gaming companies.

  17. The game with the big booba seems more conservative backlash as opposed to leftist backlash. 3rd wave feminism is dying out because 4th wave feminism isn’t anywhere near as reactionary. Idk if conservatives are adopting 3rd wave talking points to make their arguments, not all be about Jesus.

  18. In regards to the news about censorship in Sense. To consciously come to such a conclusion as the supposedly ridiculous one mentioned concerning violence towards women, it can be considered mental gymnastics. However when someone becomes too familiar with this, and their expectations are raised through a warped perception of fiction and fantasy, it can lead one to subconsciously want something more, thus forth, in drone-like fashion and without thinking for oneself, or checking to make sure one isn’t predisposed to a new lower moral standard or method of thinking, it can lead to more sexist losers, sure.

    Hence Japan got its first female doctor in 2013, the country also just happens to objectify them more. North America has a fucked up beauty standard, and therefore we are subjected to a greater amount of mental health issues related to beauty.

    My perspective. I’m open to discussion. (meaning I’m waiting to be amused by some neckbeard loser arguing why “IT’S ART!!” Indirectly proving my point in cocnerns to moral standards)

  19. I know I’m late to this vid, but…Anyone surprised with Gamestop? Anyone care?

    They treat their employees as bad as Walmart, Joe has constantly made gripes about them. We’ve all had gripes with Gamestop.

    I love Gamestop because of the people who work there busting their ass. But If I can choose a smaller store that sells retro games and new games…I’ll take the later.

    Fuck Gearbox. I won’t be buying looking or even seeing anything from them untill they do Aliens Colonial Marines justice and put out a proper Aliens game.

  20. Okay that physiologist position from Valve seems really sketchy for sure, I hope it’s not for in game buying stuff and what not in that realm. But… My first reaction was “hmm this is the gaming company that made Half life, left for dead and a few other titles of such. maybe they want to make a horror game or something where they need a psychologist to make it scarier.” Now that I’m okay with and I hope that is the reason. Not to find a way to basically brainwash you to buy more. Come on Valve do the right thing here

  21. doesnt matter howmany psycological tricks they put into a game, if a game is borring its borring…

  22. You want to improve player experience on Steam, just distribute good games — it ain’t rocket science.

  23. A decade a go. If we heard a game company was bring in psychologists we would have just thought, ooh they’re gonna make a super scary game.. Now it’s just money related microtransactions….. Shame

  24. Here il show you how to debunk EA its a collection thing argument. Ask them to buy here and now a pack then ask them to show it to you. They wont. Thats all.

  25. SJWs dislike good looking female characters in entertainment… And water is wet 🤣😂

    Surely most people have noticed by now how a lot of AAA developers have hit female characters with the ugly stick. Mass Effect: Andromeda, Anthem, Fallout 76, The Outer Worlds, The Division 2, The Last of Us 2 etc.

  26. I hope they get REAL writers for the Borderlands movie because the humor in the games is pure unfunny cringe.

  27. Kathleen Kennedy’s contract is through 2021, so next year. Also, if she takes the heat for the stuff in Star Wars you don’t like, it’s only fair she get the same amount of credit for the things you do. Sorry, but to say she isn’t the reason Mandalorian was successful but she is the reason that you had issues with the sequels, isn’t consistent. She didn’t write or produce either of the projects. She greenlit the ideas behind them. And in the case of the Mandalorian she’s the one who told Jon Favreau to bring Filoni in on the project, so she actually had a bigger hand in the magic of that show than most SW fans want to acknowledge. 🤷‍♀️

    Also Filoni is an animated filmmaker who has directed a little over 1 hour of live-action content. He isn’t an executive or a business person at all. I honestly don’t know why so many people think that he should take the reins, he doesn’t have nearly the experience that would be required to run a film division.

  28. Re: those who are outraged over the upcoming Switch game. There are truly some emotionally broken people out there. Imagine being offended and feeling personally slighted by everything. Has to get exhausting and it can’t be a fun way to go through life.

  29. so what happens if you see a woman with big tits. do u punch her or the guy who glanced at them

  30. Thanks for keeping us consistently informed with what’s going on in gaming news! Been too busy with work to keep an eye on articles/thread posts to always know what’s going on, so these videos are perfect. Love the discussion in between each topic too.

  31. When a game is good and you all make me laugh so hard before the review I have to pause the video. Killing corporate commander ftw

  32. Where are they Joe! Where have you seen real t*itt*#%ies that big?! I would love to know! … For, research purposes

  33. The major difference with lootboxes vs card packs, kinder eggs, ect… is that when the chocolate is gone or you open the packs, you get to keep something physical!!! Loot boxes in ea sports titles reset every year!!! Also, if I go to a casino and win, I can put that money in a bank account and keep it, not so for lootbox gear for more than the life of that game, usually 12 months or less!!!

  34. Saw that opening of Loris Karius just the thought of spending your own hard working money on a pack & open up just to see Karius if you know you know… you know.

  35. There’s lots of real women who have bigger boobs than these fake women, but also, they’re drawings. Sexualisation on fictional material is not objectification, because it’s not fucking real.

  36. At one point in Richmond VA there were 3 Games Stop’s and 1 Movie Stop within 1/4 mile of each other.

  37. 13:00 Wait… so are those threats and aggressive comments on this sexy Cyberpunk game, real?
    I suspected they are posted by bots, or from fake accounts. But if they are legitimate, it’s so embarrassing. 😓

  38. I kinda get it. It is normalizing a certain behavior. Actors are no longer allowed to smoke to seem cool for fear of copycats. That said, they should also protest the gratuitous killing of Nazi Germans , Muslims, Arabs, Russians or the tendency to commit widescale genocide in every strategy game. Oh wait they have and several studies have shown that violence in video games does not incite violence. Movies imitate life while games help you escape it. I don’t want to see my flabby chest on my avatar. I want rock hard abs with fat stacks of cash and an empire at my feet. Heck I want a triple A porn game. I want to strategize on how to expand my brothel empire or role play as a pimp. It is better to give people an outlet than forcing them to bottle up their strange urges.

  39. As a Brit, I can confirm that atleast 75% of the FIFA player base are “dumb motherfuckers”. That being said, they all hate EA and if there was a proper alternative that held licences etc, they’d go play that. There is PES, but it’s nowhere near as popular as FIFA and it doesn’t hold any licences. It’s probably the same in the US with the Madden player base.

  40. Bruh you didn’t even shave the stubble off the fruits, I want to be smooth AF. That is just gonna itch bro.

  41. im hoping for valve to be bring on someone to improve the user experience with their product since that’s the only real thing keeping them ahead of the epic games store and I could see them coming up with some little improvements so they don’t have to cut into their share to be more competitive or lose people to them if they do very basic stuff to compete with them. most likely it evil but I can hope.

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