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AngryJoe & Crew continue to Rant on Gambling in NBA2K20 and how our ESRB Ratings board has failed & ignored us! Also Wow Classic, Cyberpunk and Rainbow Six Siege are in the news, our takes!

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Timestamp Stories:
0:00 – AJS Updates
1:06 – Wow Max Level
2:13 – Wow Wait Times
3:44 – Darq offers Epic Revenue to Charity
4:49 – NBA2K20 Angry Rant Part 2
11:03 – The ESRB have Failed Us
17:44 – Paid Influencers for Gambling Mechanics
20:33 – Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass
24:33 – Cyberpunk Deep Dive
28:30 – Future Witcher Games!

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  1. Timestamp Stories:
    0:00 – AJS Updates
    1:06 – Wow Max Level
    2:13 – Wow Wait Times
    3:44 – Darq offers Epic Revenue to Charity
    4:49 – NBA2K20 Angry Rant Part 2
    11:03 – The ESRB have Failed Us
    17:44 – Paid Influencers for Gambling Mechanics
    20:33 – Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass
    24:33 – Cyberpunk Deep Dive
    28:30 – Future Witcher Games!

  2. People were disillusioned and someone got mad and tried saying that there wasn’t a slot machine in 2K20, A YEAR AFTER IT CAME OUT! Lol people be stupid.

  3. The only card packs I buy is yugioh, and after hearing all the shit about Konami think imma stop

  4. Why do you suddenly have to unlock players now? Why did that ever become a thing? If I paid for a fucking NBA game (which I wouldn’t do), give me the fucking teams and players in the NBA, period. People shouldn’t have to pay extra, not hope, pray, and wish upon a star that they get the one player they want on that next spin or in that next pack or whatever the hell.

  5. People say free spin is the excuse for not calling it gambling… casinos comp people free stuff so they keep gambling.

    In this NBA game you can buy chips to get more turns on the casino games. That’s called gambling.. You buy chips you play the games. … You put a quarter into the machine same concept real money can be used.

    Cashing out has nothing to do with gambling either. In gambling in the casino terms. You can lose every chip so how can you cash out?

    In this game it’s automatic cash out. Being the items you get being used right away. Plus people sell their accounts. So they are bullshit artist.

  6. So, what does the ESRB and the “triple A” game industry have in common? They both maintain that if they just say their predatory practices are ethical and fair then that alone makes them ethical and fair.

    That’s not how it works. That’s not how anything works. You stupid pricks!

  7. No Pokémon game has been T for teen only E +10 is the highest any Pokémon game has gone including the version you were showing the was Pokemon gold/silver/crystal which all were rated E that includes spin offs as well

  8. First the sports games stagnated and were basically the same year by year. Now they want you to kiss their ass just to get what you got last year.

  9. I tutor children and I taught some Japanese kids what simulated means sad that ESRB’s level of education has now stooped below 4th grade

  10. With the R6 thing, they still have the “old” season pass, called the “year pass”, however it’s an additional $10 each season, with 4 per year, making it $40 dollars to do all of them, and that’s an additional ten, over the $30 for the year pass. None of us want this because we would rather have these story things done as they have been, through cool events and things in the biogeography of the characters. Another thing about these battle passes is more casual players or people who can’t play every week, it makes it harder to get everything. Or the cosmetics that we want we can’t get because we can’t afford the pass all the time. Now, I am aware about the paid packs, and I, along with many others I know, don’t support those either.
    This is just a little bit of information because you did ask a few questions about it and it seems like you didn’t know all of these details.

  11. The only way things will change is if people stop being idiots buying the pos therein forcing them to pull there greedy fingers out there fat flabby arses. Bring back 90s when we had fully finished proper and fun games

  12. This NEEDS to be seen. You know there’s something wrong when a Pokemon game is rated more matured than a casino game with basketball.

  13. the 2 actors were both in the same room on the same coutch on the same ps4 and both won something remarkably good.
    and the account had over 10 million VC coins on it

  14. Thought the two in the NBA2K20 Trailer were actors because they had the same living room set in both shots.

  15. AJ should review a few 10 years old sports games to show how different and better in many ways they were.

  16. I am part of the NBA2K community, I have never defended the NBA2K community, never once. I have also watched Angry Joe videos for years.

    If Angry Joe was genuinely trying to get a boycott, he fucked up pretty horribly. Something needs to be done, but Angry Joe just sold more copies of NBA2K.

    If I was Ronnie 2K I would send AngryJoe flowers and a thank you note.

  17. YouTubers like that reaction guy don’t deserve money for this content . They’re just encouraging bad habits. They’re disregarding the players just as much as the greedy companies that implement these.

  18. I love how A. Joe is not biasing about Cyberpunk 2077 and stays cool with it showing funny part of marketing side of it.
    If they will go back into Witcher I’ll take a week off the work, so I could “DEEP DIVE” it deeply enough. Just as I did with the Witcher 3 and as I plan doing when Cyberpunk 2077 will show up.

  19. I would prefer if CDPR made a fresh RPG like Witcher 3, but not actually Witcher. Witcher has had 3 games, they should create something fresh and new instead of limiting themselves with someone elses IP. They are big enough to do so. Create something original. Let Witcher rest.

  20. “We want our rewards”
    Bitch, reward for what? Figuring out how to stick your money into the slot machine?

  21. Joe doesn’t play 2k. he JUST started doing madden vids and we’ve never seen a review of nba2k…. lol but someone brought up a good point. Nobody is shutting down chuck e cheese, kids can still get trading cards, we had gambling simulated in Mario 3….there was gambling simulated in San Andreas. So NOW ppl want the government to step in a control gaming but NOT when the government wanted to step in related to violence.. interesting.

  22. I’m no fan of sports game, but this game should be rated E for everyone of there is fucking gambling in the game.

  23. Does listening to the song ‘ Dive Deep ‘ by Andrew Belle add to the counter? I’m scared…

  24. ughh there is no casino, there is no way to spend money on the wheel, you get a daily spin for free. Thats it thats all.

  25. wow joe just left danny hanging in wow. a true friend would have charge in there and back up danny!

  26. So a point but is it possible they are trying to do this whole casino style loot boxes so outrage is made meaning when if revert back to what loot boxes are now no uproar is caused and is just accepted by the masses?

  27. “it’s on the same fucking disc”
    Lol man that takes me back to when I first saw AJ with the Marvel VS Capcom roster rant. Was hooked after that.

  28. I’m just saying 2K is awful and they continue to do the same bs every year and the game gets worse! Madden is no longer pay to win and they need to be stopped

  29. I’ll buy NBA 2k20 when it’s 19.99 because that’s what it’s worth. I just want to play a season and online gaming. Don’t need all the extra stuff.

  30. Interesting note on the Mario Bros. 3 mushroom hut “slot machine” comment: that “slot machine” is skill based. You control when to the wheels stop. It’s possible to win every time if you know what you’re doing. At that point it’s a skill-based minigame, not gambling.

  31. People are literally brainwashed by the name of the game, and less so by the features of the game. Mindless excitement: “NBA2k YES!!” Sensible Logic: “NBA SlotEmulator. NO!!!” There is no innovation anymore. Why can’t I just play a game like the old days when I could be a manager and players would only accept my bid based on sponsors and success of my team? I never had to pay for a box or use a slot machine to get a top tier player, I simply performed and felt good about my achievement playing the game. Gone are those days…

  32. “If the ESRB and PEGI cannot protect users from inappropriately or incorrectly rated content, for what reason should it continue to exist.”
    My policy on this is: If it dont work, it needs replacing. Theyre getting paid by us to protect us, and getting paid by corperations to protect them. PEGI and the ESRB are taking money both ways, and are just a tug-of-war rating cashbank based on whoever slips them enough money. Shut them down because theyre corrupt. They were created to serve the people, not make corperations money.

  33. Hey Joe what you think about “EA Sets Guinness World Record for Most Downvoted Reddit Comment”?

  34. I just hope they bring back the “cinematic’ cut scenes (aka third person view(s)). I’ll enjoy the game regardless but, generally speaking, the cinematic cut scenes are much more beautiful and well made the fp cut scenes.

  35. I don´t understand why would you want them to show big chunks of the game, what´s the point of knowing everything you gonna see before you even try, that´s so dumb. Robbing yourself from the experience of fresh descovery.

  36. On the quote where you said something about minigames and challenges unlocking players… THATS EXACTLY WHAT FREE RADICAL DID 14 YEARS AGO WITH TIMESPLITTERS and thats what made that game fun.

  37. I feel like there’s more gambling features shown in this game than actual basketball gameplay.

  38. Why are people so upset about esrb ratings? Nobody looks at the fucking useless things, and its not like you cant by an adult game as a kid.

  39. nba2k is a software that creates a stage through the basketball game nurturing primal needs to invest and advance where the virtual gains
    from the gambling transform into a real life like gain. This can be compared to a payout,
    thus it is gambling.

  40. The truth is that a majority of us is actually addicted to video games. With or without gambling. Otherwise we would just boycott games, but no, we complain but still buy the games and thats why nothing will change to the better. People have to look away on games that have elements they don’t agree with.

  41. @AngryJoeShow Rainbow Six has a new season pass every year that cost around $20 every year. Rainbow Six also cost $20 to even own the game. The are also microtransactions in the game already that can cost you up to $20 just for one elite skin (skin for gun, character, new animation at end game screen and charm). So for the Rainbow six community to get mad at Ubisoft for adding another payed only item into the game without new content to support that addition is honestly insulting. If someone played the game from launch the total cost they would have payed if they bought all the season passes would be $160. I also want to add that buying a season pass is basically required for new players because to even play DLC operators it would take around 1,000,000 Renown to aquire all the DLC operators which you only earn around 200 Renown per-game ( so the game is basically $120 for new players not $20).

  42. 5:57 Goodness… Can’t we just shut down Twiitter for awhile… It looks like none of those people know how video games should supposed to be.

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