Sam and Si want all of the horsepower they’ll muster to maintain up with a speedy racehorse this week on Slo Mo. Fortunately they have Duncan Barbour available together with his unimaginable ‘VampyreBATT’ and Mark Johnston’s racehorse, Avenue Artist, skillfully ridden by jockey Andrew Bacon. Collectively they seize one of the vital iconic gradual movement topics.

Duncan Barbour is an professional all-terrain driver. Please do not do this at residence!

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Authentic and beautiful excessive definition gradual movement footage of animals and their actions. Dropped at you by our very personal crew members; animal nerd Sam, and digital camera geek Simon.

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  1. Right after we hear “they are just like springs,” 2:15, the slo-mo of the horse cuts to two humans at the instance BEFORE you see the spring action just spoken about. This entire video is a FAIL. (Yes I am shouting.) The person how edited this is an idiot, and the cameraman is just as bad. The best reason for hating this video is that only 15% shows the horse galloping, and half of that does *not* show the hooves hitting the ground. The whole *point* of this video is the *horse* running, not the Jockey Riding, the men filming, nor the horse rolling. Show the hooves hitting the ground through multiple strides with the same voice-audio as a voice over so we can see the “spring” action. Watching the horse head on is only mildly interesting. The _correct_ title should be, “How We Filmed a Horse Galloping.”

  2. I’m an artist and would like to know if I can have permission to use this as a reference for a drawing?

  3. It is a great slowmo…..the color of the grass And the color of the horse create great contrast…but the edit work is annoying. Each shot contains less than two full steps of the horse legs……. can’t even study the motion of the horse from a stable perspective…I wish each slowmo shot can last long enough to show at least two gallop cycle………

  4. +Baele dimitri I got really mad I kept screaming heels down but I knew it wouldn’t help he’s just a position rider

  5. You guys should come over to the States and film some Quarter Horses that are in the performance industry. Even the racing Quarter Horses would be a sight because they are even faster than a Thoroughbred.

  6. “I think 50 mi/h”
    Why you dont take the real speed!!! in most of your videos you do the same. People who watch this kind of videos like the speed and its important to them

  7. u should se secretariat in slow motion he is the fastest horse alive he went like 75 70 miles!

  8. PUT. YOUR. HEELS. DOWN. If that horse were to suddenly stop or spook to the side the rider would have flown off of the front. If his heels were down he would at least have a chance to save himself.

  9. 4:13 That’s (I think) alcohol water! At the barn I ride at, my instructor gives us buckets and sponges to scrub down the horses with if it’s been hot and they’re really sweaty. Alcohol water is supposed to prevent sweat rot, but the horses aren’t huge fans of it (it stings xD).

  10. I would love to see a quarter horse in slow mo. They are the best sprinters in the equine world. Averaging 45 to 50 (a few  even 55mph) They can give quite a blast of speed over a short distance, I would love to see the muscle work in detail. 🙂 must be amazing.

  11. your tourturing that horse because if you pull on the reighns you clip the horses tongue cant you think of anyone but yourself and imagine carrying aperson thats full grown on your back plus that 🙁

  12. I love videos like this with high quality. Lots of people should learn from these guys cause the shots are absolutely amazing!

  13. Great videos.  It may be interesting to note that the fetlock joint is not the equivalent of the wrist and ankle as suggested in the video, they’re actually the knuckles or metacarpophalangeal (fore) or metatarsophalangeal (hind) joints; which makes the equine distal limb all the more powerful, fragile and fascinating to study.  The joints that looks like they might be the knees in the forelimb (and are informally referred to as such) are actually the equivalent of the wrist (or carpus); the hocks (the backwards pointy bits half way up the hind limbs) being the ankle (tarsus).  The horse i believe (along with the other equids; donkey, zebra etc) is unique in having a single digit per distal limb.
    Also not mentioned and perhaps of interest is that when galloping, the horse (along with some other mammals) actually synchronises its breathing to its gait, effectively using its abdominal mass as a pump to assist and indeed constrain exhalation/inhalation. 

  14. I thought race horses picked up their left lead almost everytime. All our ex racers always have trouble with their right lead when we get them off the track.

  15. Horses are amazing animals…except for their digestive track…which is just silly for a herbivore!


  17. It would be awesome to compare a Saluki’s gait to a Greyhounds. The Saluki was bred for high speeds and endurance, whereas the Greyhounds run in bursts at high speeds.

  18. That was too funny, the horse looked like he was smiling after getting that bucket of water thrown on him.. Great work.

  19. I’d like to see this with a gaited horse – like an Icelandic horse. Would love to see the tölt or speedpace in slow motion 🙂

  20. It’s really cool that you did this, and I’m not sure whether or not you know this or not, but the the concept of high speed camera was invented to prove that a horse had all four hooves off the ground whilst galloping : ) I don’t know why I suggested a chicken picking a grain of rice (or other food) rather then suggesting this. I had a little break from Earth Unplugged, but now I’m on a roll again : ) It’s nice to save up a couple of videos for a rainy day : ) I ♥ Earth Unplugged!

  21. Horses are such beautiful and amazing creatures. They’ve always been one of my favorite animals since I was a kid and still are. Anyone who hasn’t tried horse back riding at least once in their life should really put it on their bucket list. These animals are a real treat to behold. Great vid.

  22. We did film a greyhound on the same day as we filmed the horse in fact – the video’s coming up soon. Make sure you watch out for it!

  23. I have that fear too, seeing how delicate and small their fetlocks are compared to the entire body of the horse… but there are plently of muscle and cushioning, I’m sure he’ll be fine >.>

  24. this video blew my mind… we shot a slow motion video of my horse running at full speed, and its just amazing how beautiful they are in slow mo

  25. how come i have a strange fear the horse is going to break his ankle whenever his feet land? D= I have a strange fobia..

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