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American Pharoah Triple Crown Winner !!! – All 3 Races Compilation

All 3 races that American Pharoah ran to win the Triple Crown consisting of the Kentuky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes


  1. I’m just gonna say what we all thinking he’s a Great Horse I’ll go ahead and say he’s Immortal also but nowhere close to the Legendary Immortal Secretariat… mic drop🚶🚶🚶

  2. AL MICHAEL’S – “Do you believe in MIRACLE’S, yes”!……………………………….is now in 2nd Place.

  3. I always get chills when he crosses the line at Belmont. One of the greatest calls in racing ever

  4. It’s interesting that in the Kentucky Derby both American Pharoah and Secretariat finished the race by going way outside at the end of the the final turn before winning in the stretch. But then again they are related so I guess it isn’t too crazy. 🙂

  5. Great horse, but Secretariat would have smoked him by 2 seconds in the Belmont. In fact, Sham, the closest competition for Secretariat would have likely beaten or nearly beaten American Pharoah. Secretariat was at a totally different level.

  6. there is a cheat were if you name any one of your Horses American Pharaoh in Red Dead Redemtion 2 they all het max speed, acceleration and Handling. and there stamina never drains

  7. Secretariat and Sea Biscuit are still the two greatest race horses. Their triples came at a time when America needed an uplifting from the Vietnam War and Great Depression. Secretariats race time and amazing lead in the Belmont will never be beaten while Sea Biscuit ran and won after a devastating injury and captured the hearts of all the American people. His races were broadcast over the radio since there was no tv which made it more exciting. The entire country stopped to listen in.

  8. I’ve watched this more than any sane person would. “American Pharaoh begins his run for glory!” gets me every time. One of the greatest moments in all of Sport

  9. no where in the comments did I read anyone singing the praises of Zenyatta? I wasn’t at any of these races but looking at them here from a historical perspective Queen Z must be laughing. American Pharoah was a great horse, yes I get it.

  10. Thrilling for sure! Much respect to American Pharaoh!! But the most thrilling race ever is Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes, fantastic in the movie which is one of the best all time but also just as thrilling is the real video from that race which I saw for the first time a cpl weeks ago here on YouTube & have watched 4 or 5 times since & soon as I post this comment I’m gonna watch again, AWESOME!

  11. One of the most exciting sporting events I’ve ever watched. What an exceptional horse and jockey he rose to the moment and just got better each race.

  12. Takes a really special horse to run the gauntlet and win all three races. American Pharoah was a big bull of a horse. I never thought the distance in any of the three Triple Crown races would ever be the issue that got him beaten if he had been. He’s got very decent speed for a middle distance type, but to me, more than his speed, he seemed to wear down his opposition in all three races, especially here in the Belmont Stakes, by taking advantage of that brute strength of his and just grinding them into submission.

  13. Yep and he was probably raised on drugs and should have been tested very regularly. But as we know now, they get caught and they don’t tell the public. It’s all a rip off for the bettors

  14. Avery one says, American Pharoah did it. and everyone forgets about Victor Espinoza. don’t forget no everyone can handle a Horse like this one and Victor was doing what hi need to do in all three race.

  15. Seriously this is my 20th time watching the last race and I still get the chills when he starts with “American Pharaoh makes his run for glory…”

  16. That swell of the crowd as he pulls away, you know even the jockeys could hear it. It was immeasurable.

  17. I remember watching the Kentucky Derby live and I looked at my husband & said he’s gonna win the Triple. He just rolled his eyes, but seeing that tail end spurt & you saw the ghost of Man O War & you just knew this horse was born to run.

  18. American Pharaoh , WITHOUT question ran more track than everyone else in 2015.. Derby… When he came around for the stretch run, look he was at least 2 horses outside of Firing Line maybe 3… Victor Espinosa got him back on track at the finish… If AM PHA was on the rail he might have run a 2:01 instead of 2:03… I know that sounds crazy but somebody time that for me…

  19. “The 37 year wait is over. American pharaoh is finally the one. American pharaoh has won the triple crown.” Always gives me goosebumps

  20. I was there at Belmont Park to witness history in the making. I can’t explain that feeling. The entire grandstand was shaking as he thunders home to win the triple crown. Once I see the 1/2 was run in 48 and change, I know it was a wrap. What many people don’t understand is that American Pharoah has a very high cruising speed.

  21. The Kentucky derby win covering the entire race on the outside was more than amazing. What a horse

  22. The best horse ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍por un mexicano lo hizo ganarrrrrrrrr 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  23. I also love and remember well the story of Sunday Silence and Easy Goer in all 3 legs of the Triple Crown in 88 or 89 (forget which, but I think 89). The exacta box or quinella was those 2 for all 3 races. I was on Sunday Silence. Back in the day.

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