Askew hopes IndyCar street experience can translate to Formula E

After being unable to nail down a seat in IndyCar next season, Askew links up with Andretti’s FE team to partner Jake Dennis at the team following the departure of Maximilian Guenther to Nissan e.dams.

Through his time in IndyCar and the Road to Indy ladder, Askew has raced at a number of street venues including Long Beach, Detroit and St. Petersburg, all of which feature tight corners and bumpy track surfaces akin to the circuits seen in Formula E.

Asked by if he felt his IndyCar and junior category experiences on street tracks would help him, Askew said that he hoped his knowledge would be able to translate to the all-electric series.

“I hope so, yes,” Askew said.

“I’ve heard of drivers in Formula E complaining about how bumpy the tracks are. But the tracks in America are very unique in that way.

“Each corner is different with different crevices and bumps within the track. So I hope it’ll help.

“I’m very much looking forward to travelling and seeing the world as well. I think there’s something very unique about this world championship, we go to some pretty cool places.”

“I’ve watched most of the onboard footage so far from Saudi. And that track just looks incredible. I’m looking forward to racing there.”

Askew took part in a test for Andretti at Mallory Park in preparation for next week’s official pre-season test at Valencia, giving him experience behind the wheel as he seeks to adapt to the demands of Formula E.

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Explaining that he felt “fortunate for the opportunity,” Askew added that he faces a big learning curve in order to get up to speed in the series and that the car’s speed surprised him during his initial runs.

“Obviously, it’s a massive learning curve for me at the moment, you know, understanding how the car works and how to get the most out of it. There’s many changes on the wheel.

“The car has a lot more capabilities than I’m used to, from cars in the past. So it’s just making sure I get the most out of that.

“[Mallory Park] was a big change, honestly. But the biggest thing, obviously, is the engine not making any noise or any vibration.

“When the guys told me to put it in gear and go on ahead out of the garage, I naturally felt like something was missing.

“The engine wasn’t turning over. And you know, all I had to do is hit the throttle and off I went so it was a bit of a shock.

“But I got used to it. And I really enjoyed it after we got going.

“I was surprised at how quick it was, and the torque comes in right away. The acceleration is quite impressive.”

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