I need me that star bond xD

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  1. This small change to the casino is going to make me check the mode again, at least for a bit!

  2. Technia, do you think we will get Hestia as an adventurer character someday? Like Hermes in Kino event? In the past summer event, we fight against her, so make her a playable adventurer would be amazing.

  3. Looks like we’re getting 100 free iris and a 4 star gacha ticket mid summer ticket for free since we met the Twitter goal yay free stuff for everyone

  4. Bell went live and I scored three of him for 1600 Iris so there is a chance you can do well with them.

  5. Anyone know if the pick up gacha will land other 4 stars or is the only 4 star the one on the banner (looking at the honor bell pickup)

  6. Would you recommend pulling in the Asfi banner if I don’t have the unit unlocked yet? My best healer/support/defensive unit is the new Amid at only +1, so I feel like she would really help my team.

    Also, do you have a stream schedule on Twitch, or do you just stream whenever? It would be cool to catch one once in a while.

  7. About the adv. star bond, can i use it to limit break any adventurers?? cause i don’t quite get the time-limited status of characters

  8. OMG BRO, u saved my fking life XD, if u didnt make this update today, i might have just spend all the iris on asfi instead of bell!!!

  9. My Bell is already MLB so more saving up Iris for me. As for the casino, it’s nice to see those changes. It was pretty annoying when you would lose no matter what at times. Maybe I’ll go back to playing the casino, but my luck is just so bad aha.

  10. 1 higher or equal to is fine with me but at one time I got a royal flush and went for double and my heart sank when house was a Ace I picked lost and the field’s best was a King

    I told my self I was going to do a double on the 1st of each winning hand type

  11. Thank you technia for the news of the upcoming events, I hope I can now safely play double rate in poker now XD

  12. It’s so cool that these guys are actually listening to the players! Really makes me love the game even more!

  13. If I was Hestia I would be freaking out right now over the Bell pickup gacha…. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m still freaking OUT! but I bet if I was Hestia it would be way more.

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