For anybody who’s fascinated by horse racing it is value trying on the handicapping system. Understanding the way it works, understanding its intricacies and limits. On this clip Caan discusses a followers query for the Q & A, sharing his distinctive perception as to when you ought to take a look at the horse racing handicapping system in your quest for an edge.

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  1. Hey. Have you thought about reviewing the new double Dutch not from Steve Davison. Not seen any reviews on it yet? Keep up the good work

  2. NEWCASTLE 6:15 GABRIALS BOY 1PT EW (15/2 currently).
    Only his 7th run today- travelled really strongly at the back on his last run. Finished strongly into a close never nearer 5/11 so escapes any weight increase and given a more prominent position tonight should have a great chance.
    A 3/1 shot in my opinion with 15/2 readily available at the moment.

  3. Yes they say weight levels ability but horses are bloody big animals. 3 lbs here and there makes no difference IMHO.

  4. Is this a video on observing price fluctuation or handicapping. If u can’t measure one horse against another you are invariably relying on other people to do that work for you

  5. You wasted 6 minutes not saying that if the owner or trainer thinks his horse is “live” he will wait until the last minute to place a bet so he doesn’t tip off other bettors and drive the odds down on his own horse with other action.

  6. I’ve read from a very successful horse racing bettor (one of the most successful in history) that weight/handicap is overrated most of the time and that it has very little bearing in long-term edge. I can see a large handicap having an effect in longer races, but in 5f-6f sprints? Idk.

  7. Most everyday horseraces are rigged in a way, & I mean what horses are not trying, this is far & away the worst kind of cheating going on, every stable will have its own bookmaker, if a horse is not trying, there bookmaker will here about it, punters won’t, unless there in the know, obviously top class races, & big prize money is a different story

  8. We all know in our hearts after years of research that Uk handicaps are for the most part bent ,only favouring primary information holders(owners,trainers)and the bookies that offer ‘no lose’ accounts to these people.Every wondered why the high street bookies are all empty?

  9. Cant get to deep into handicapping of any sort imo,I know how to handicap races but I noticed it would mostly steer me away from price horses,the ones you need to MAKE money,I would handicap all night and lose the next day,I’ve had way more success just picking jockeys and watching the tote,you can handicap all you want but there is just to much we DONT know about the horses mindstate,condition and trainers true intentions

  10. You said what i would have said.
    the only thing i would do as a trade. top wait odds on favs or very close to 2.00 these will be backed in before the off most of the time. not many in a month im afraid its more of a morning look and hope,
    but they will decay in running thats for sure.
    but i am fooftball/tennis, what do i know. f,all
    but the opportunity is there if you want it, i dont have the patients myself.
    im not saying theirs nothing else there in the hcap, its only what i have seen.
    if you are already looking then you will see it. They win the race a lot so i have been told.
    good luck

  11. I think if look through the many price movements that occur in particularly the type of markets discussed in this video you can get to the bottom of why moves happen? 🤔

  12. its impossible to give a horse 1 rating figure for every track, going,distance so its more than possible to beat the handicapper but you do have to put the work in…. the connections use the variations to their advantage to get their horse better handicapped, its the punters job to work out when they have their ideal conditions

  13. PMSL! Relationship advice as well, you setting up an agony aunt column as well……..Dear Caan, I met this…..etc
    Brilliant, on serious note. got to study this a lot harder, cheers dude.

  14. lol, come on, be serious. For 200 years punters have been trying to beat the handicapping system. Not possible. As Pitsburg Phil said- You can beat a race but you can’t beat racing!
    Ie , you may win on a few races but the long term reality will eventually kick in.

    Forget about trying to “pick” winners and concentrate on odds. Reality is that since racing began , worldwide , the favourite wins around 30% of the time. No one has been able to alter that figure.

  15. Work your edge with chicks great angle love it, also great video I think i get what you are saying with out giving to much away i am going to monitor this over the weekend.

  16. Haha this is my favorite Caan video so far. Well done chap. What about handicapped races when a trainer has 2 horses running, how does that affect the outcome? Surely if the training is betting on his own horse, he will want one to loose??

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