Amidst scandals, legislative battles and the new frontier of daily fantasy, the biggest debate in the world of sports today is gambling. Is it legal?

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  1. I see alot of these guys in the bathroom stalls 👃🥳🥳. I don’t see them, I hear them. 🤣 hold up might not be them but the poker tourney guys .

  2. every game is staged 100% no matter what sport it is as long as money is involved in it it’s simple

  3. watching this in 2020 and right when I saw seahawks at the 1 yard line I knew what was to come

  4. You can make more money on the stock market. Sport’s betting is becoming legal everywhere, and 75% of these Nubes lose out.

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  7. Dude said “We should still go out and get a steak though.” This is the type of negative positive i need in my life.

  8. Hi guys, I’ve recorded a podcast about my gambling addiction during my twenties. I don’t want to write too much about the podcast, other than to warn you it gets very emotional and intense at times. It’s aimed at men in particular, as statistically we are more likely to become problem gamblers. I hope it helps someone out there.

  9. Wish to Christ I don’t have to drive to New Jersey just to place a bet on football. It’s funny how I can go to the track and bet the horses which to me is no different than betting on football.

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  11. I am from Boston…I will NEVERRRRRR vote for a politician that is NOW
    in office WHO has not moved on making gambling legal in Boston…New
    Jersey LOL just passed { 1 BILLION }…In revenue…Are you kidding me
    New Jersey…{Boston Strong}

  12. as a bettor who lost his ass on the seahawks not running the ball i refuse to watch this episode any further.

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  14. Bruh. As a pats fan this was nuts to watch live. then to see a casino react is hilariously nuts.

  15. ‘they have to win 54% of the time to make a profit’ – where on earth does that figure come from? It depends on the odds they’re getting on the bets they wager, and why 54%? You can make money with a 10% strike rate and lose money with a 90% one, it doesn’t work like that, it’s all about the ODDS

  16. 30 years from now : How can you not go to your best player ? How can you not go to Marshawn Lynch ?

  17. Its criminal that legalized sports betting isnt allowed country wide….but its ok and allowed to spend your paycheck on lotteries

  18. “Gambling is a passion; it’s an addiction; for some, it’s a job…” I’m sorry, but no, gambling isn’t an addiction. For those who are addicted to it, it’s an addiction. Millions enjoy it in moderation without having an addiction.

  19. The reason it’s legal in Las Vegas is because Las Vegas is sin city. America was founded on Judea Christian values and is against Jesus and God and the people will not allow this kind of treachery to go on. Next thing you’ll want prostitution legalized and same sex marriage and who knows what’s after that maybe pet marriage. No way .

  20. Legalizing gambling (like the lottery) is just another way for the rich and elite to rob the poor and needy. Of course Mark Cuban is for it, he’s one of the beneficiaries. You think they are dumb that they just wanna give you free money? They built the system to LURE YOU IN AND ROB YOU!

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  22. the idea that gambling is good for the economy is totally nonsense. Probably more than 99% of the money spent on gambling is money that would be spent some other way, and is probably a negative because, when people default on their loans because of gambling, when people get into trouble and lose their job because of gambling, is bad for the economy.


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  26. Soon meth and cocaine and heroin will be legalized….Poor Merica. Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? etc…..

  27. I would have liked this more if that bimbo Kelly Stewart wasn’t on it. SHE IS A FUCKING DUD STOP THINKING WITH YOUR COCKS GENTS

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