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Professor MJ has developed 10 specific winning NHL betting systems based on data on 10+ full seasons.

Those betting strategies have proven to be profitable and they fit Professor MJ’s contrarian approach to sports betting.

This video unveils Professor MJ’s top NHL hockey prediction for Monday March 15, 2021. It concerns the following game: Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh Penguins. The pick is based on “The Stingy Goalies” betting strategy.

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  1. I got the 🔥 on the ML AND the Canadians on the ML and I’m also going to pick the big bad Bruins on the ML I’m guessing I’m going to bet against my team. Tonight.

  2. I am afraid I have to disagree with that one too…BUT, much closer than the Ducks pick (which I pointed out in my strong disagreement). Hence, this one is MUCH CLOSER, in fact Boston Br. have their fair share today with 15 (March) and 53 and 50 (Pitts is 53-49 vs Bos at home), but that’s all they have, to be honest…Pitt has very strong Numerology codes to get to 6 straight wins today, especially with 148 putting Bos @ 14-8 for the season, needless to say 131 is coded in 4 ciphers today (Pitt currently with 131 losses vs BOS at all times!), 131 is the 32nd Prime, so, Bos stays with 32 points with a loss. BOS lost badly 0-4 from the NYR, Pitt is seeking revenge for the 0-2 season 2021 losses so far against the Bruins, and that’s a perfect spot to drill them…Pitt with a win, can go to 37 points which is 12th prime, well, 3/15/21: 3 + 1+5 + 2 + 1 = 12 today, plus 18 is in play for them 15 +3, Pitt can go 18-9 in the season nice double alignment there too, 9 x 2…hence, the Pitt wager motivation here is Bos to lose and go 7-5-3 on the road, yet, 753 is with Sum of Divisors 1008 or 18! I will not even bring in the Factorization here of 753, too long Post:) ….etc. and so ON, as I said BOS also has chance, hence Pitt with +101 at home after 5 straight wins is too insulting for them to ignore, 🙂 With all being said, there shall be NO brainer to take the Penguins with the +Money at home (+101), 26th Prime, but I wouldn’t go crazy on it, just 1 Unit (again because of BOS!):) ! BoL! Blessings!
    Milo Georgieff, MscCE, founder of matrix888.org and gematry.com ; Likewise professor MJ, I am also well educated by having Masters in Civil engineering, BS in finance, BUT, such, does NOT preclude me to have a HOBBY in Sports Betting By using NUMEROLOGY and Math! God Bless and Good Luck!!!
    Our Twitter is @ComGematry for FREE NHL picks,

  3. Hey professor so glad you had a great weekend with the family you definitely deserve that anyway like your pic for tonight and if you could please analyze the NCAA basketball tournament starting Thursday what’s the numbers for you to Crunch thank you MJ New York

  4. Thanks for sharing and showing the video clip Professor, looks like great fun and good times with the family. Appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and information with us.

  5. BUFFALO has managed to loose ten in a row, something no team in NHL has done since 1997 98 season wow

  6. NHL,
    T.B. ML
    Ottawa RL
    Florida ML
    Washington ML
    Winnipeg RL
    L.A.King’s RL & UNDER 5.5
    Vega’s ML

    Phnx ML
    Denver ML
    Washington RL

    Houston ML
    Philly RL
    Minnesota RL
    Cincinnati RL
    Baltimore ML
    S.F. RL
    Boston RL

  7. I would like to become a student of your, do you offer online classes? It’s great that you give us your picks for free but it like the old saying give a man a fish and feed him for a day teach a man how to fish you feed him for life…

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