Ok guys, in this video we explore some of the Best MyVegas Rewards that Las Vegas 2021 has to offer. We’ll be covering lots of myVegas Premium and myVegas Non-Premium Rewards, and all of the Best myVegas Rewards to Redeem this year. You’ve learned how to play myVegas Slots, and how to play myVegas Bingo, and learned how to redeem myVegas App rewards. Now it’s time to pick myVegas App Rewards for you to enjoy this year on the Las Vegas Strip.

0:00 Intro
2:40 Number 11
4:08 Number 10
5:30 Number 9
7:25 Number 8
9:35 Number 7
11:15 Number 6
13:30 Number 5
15:30 Number 4
17:44 Number 3
19:35 Number 2
22:31 Honorable Mentions
22:47 Number 1

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