If you need FREE scrap in rust then you could use this Rust Playing Technique the subsequent time you pull as much as the on line casino in rust. That is by far the very best rust playing technique as a result of there’s a 99.9% likelihood that you just make revenue through the use of this rust playing technique. So in order for you principally free scrap in rust then make sure you watch this BEST Rust Playing Technique (Statistically Confirmed WINNING Technique) video as a result of on this BEST Rust Playing Technique (Statistically Confirmed WINNING Technique) video we go over the Greatest Rust Playing Technique and the best way to execute this greatest rust playing technique.

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What Is Rust?
Rust is a multiplayer-only survival online game developed by Facepunch Studios. Rust was first launched in early entry in December 2013 and obtained its full launch in February 2018. Rust is out there on Microsoft Home windows and macOS. Console variations for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been introduced for launch in 2021. Rust was initially created as a clone of DayZ, a well-liked mod for ARMA 2, with crafting components akin to these in Minecraft.

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BEST Rust Playing Technique (Statistically Confirmed WINNING Technique) | Modix

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  1. LOL THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I WONT GAMBLE XDXDXD … I rather spend 2 hours getting guns and ranking up then 2 hours gambling for 2k scrap….

  2. Did a little of research these two days, and found out, that it somehow is affected by total bet amount by all players. The more you bet on something, the smaller are the odds of winning of that number… Also, came up with martingale strategy myself, apparently, if you want to use it, you either need a lot of scrap, or a lot of time, and you can’t rely on betting on just one number…

    casino is scam (obviously)
    you will never win, either you are lucky, or have a lot of time, which could bring you much more scrap by just doing monuments and recycling stuff around roads…

  3. Here’s a better strat, bet equal amounts of scrap on 1 and 3. Since both of those cover more than half the wheel you have a 19/25 odds, and if it lands on 1, you don’t lose any scrap, if it lands on 3, profit, start small, then once you make more increase your bets. Statically guaranteed profit

  4. You did the math wrong… It’s (48/100)^6 multiplied by 100. Your odds of losing with a stack of 6 is 1.2%. Not 0.012%. The error is forgetting to multiply by 100.

  5. So you think that the martingale strategy is a good one with only a 1000 scrap, youre wrong sir haha nice video tho! 😉

  6. i can confirm that this isnt real ive tried and you lose more than you gain, once it lands on one you dont gain the same amount you lost (gain less) at a constant rate

  7. Don’t let the percentage fool you, you still can and will lose all your money. The martingale strategy is fun on paper but isn’t perfect. Also, because yellow is 46% it makes this strategy even worse to use. And the worst part of this strat is you only earn your starting amount – so 5 scrap at a time. Gambling is gambling honestly, just go big or go home haha. Better just to plop 500 scrap on yellow and cross your fingers 🙂 Also faster. In the time it takes you to to gain scrap with Martingale, you could of earned it faster actually harvesting the scrap.

  8. NGL I do 25 on 20 until I win or I’ll do 50 if i have enough. I usually do 8 to 10 spins and cash out 95% of the time.

    So what I do is go do component runs until I get enough scrap (recycle included) and I’ll get around 300 scrap per run maybe more maybe a little less. If I win big early I start to up it to 75 per spin and if I win again I’ll do 150 per spin. The 150 hardly happens but tbh this is my solid method. Maybe not the most efficient but I can get around 10 LRs within just a couple hours of wipe. Also is a decent way of getting AR ammo early on

  9. this makes no sense at all. like you said, the events are independent, which means that you always have a 54% chance of losing. that is a far cry from “99.9% chance to win in the long run”


  11. Dude this is just the martingale strategy and it doesn’t work, because you will eventually hit a losing streak and lose everything. The reward for winning is so small and the risk is high so eventually if you keep playing the house will still have an edge over you. Also it’s statistically not a winning strategy, unless you count winning 5 scrap and then losing everything and wasting your time as a win.

  12. So this is just wrong. It doesn’t work in vegas on a roulette table, does not work here either. The house has an advantage, and because of that, they will win using this strategy, 100% of the time, given enough spins, you will always hit a loose streak, and lose all your money. I made a script to test gambling theories in rust. Using 650 scrap, starting with a 5 scrap bet, You will go bankrupt within 100 spins most of the time, in less than 50, 50% of the time. . My script is here, runs in NodeJS. if you want to try yourself.

  13. Statistically Proven if you have unlimited funds yes. If it was this easy you would be doing it on a actual roulette machine and be making millions:)

  14. So, start with 5. If that loses, bet 10. What if the 10 loses? Bet 10 again, or double that to 20?

  15. “If you have 635 scrap only bet 5 scrap, there’s a 1% chance you lose all your scrap” bruh no shit wtf

  16. This is just the Martingale strategy and only statistically works if you have unlimited funds. May work better than other methods, but it is not a 99.9% success rate. It’s purely dependent on how much scrap you start with and your starting bet. In the case of this video, I calculated that you have around a 70.85% success rate, but still nearly a 30% chance you lose everything.

  17. I stick to 5 yellow 3 green 2 blue usually or just the 20 yellow and 10 green til I can afford to keep making the bets higher

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