Interested in Bet Angel software for Betfair? This is a quick review we created after covering others software types.Tap the quick links below for more specific details…

Where to get Bet Angel software – 0:45
Features available – 1:11
Subscription cost structure – 1:43
How to contact Bet Angel – 3:03
Ladder interface – 4:20
Interface selection – 6:08
Editing a profile – 6:39
Streaming charts – 7:34
Overview – 8:35

Bet Angel is a sports trading software, primarily for Betfair and Betdaq. Unlike the traditional website the software allows you to place back and lay bets (at speed) on the betting exchange.

Bet Angel also includes additional features (as shown in this review) that allow the end user extra to view streaming real-time information. There is also a one-click screen, ladder interface and additional software functions.

Please watch the entire clip to see our Bet Angel review!

Note: We regard this to be one of the top 3 trading software’s for Betfair. For a free trial please visit the Bet Angel website or Betfairs Apps directory.

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  1. It might have been updated since this video, you can have the price charts fixed at the bottom of the screen so no need to overlay them etc.

  2. Would you know how to go about this on a Mac? I’d want to use a VPS however, Bet-Angel are charging £25-£70 PCM for their VPS service. Is there another VPS service that will match up to this as this plus the Bet Angel software is a fair chunk of funds for me at this stage? I could keep using Racing Traders but want a bit more information? All ideas welcome. Cheers

  3. at the end of this video you mention your favour – but i couldn’t make out what you said – sounded like “the gigs tour”.
    please tell me your personal favourite over bet angel

  4. I see that Peter Webb of Bet Angel is upset you have done this review by attacking you on the sly. It shows how disingenuous he is because he does not have control. He has done this to other competitors over the years regularly which is a shame. I certainly don’t believe a word he says any more! Keep up the good work.

  5. Costs to much , takes your profits away , Peter web tells you the main people lose at trading is because off the spread and this will eat up newbees profits .

  6. You ever tried the double chance market in football. changing the subject sorry Caan
    Take a look how fast the volume goes up after a goal, Pity the market does not hold much cash.

  7. its not rely any better than cheaper software. and for any one starting out with trading its a cost they can do without. there is a free ladder on offer but i cant remember the name of it off hand. i dont use software my self as i only do football, nba and tennis and i dont scalp, so no need. If you practice keyboard and mouse control, betfair site is ok to use

  8. Nice one Caan. I’m a Fairbot user. But I almost always trade in a Grid View. That might explain why I don’t use BA or Gk’sToy. Ladder trading seems to require young eyes, in order to keep up. I’m in my 40’s now and the grid view in Fairbot. I wonder eventually if eyesight might affect a trader’s performance?

  9. I personally prefer BA. Firstly, I find the interface easy on the eye & have customised everything to suit my style. Btw Guardian does much more than just bind excel sheets for Automation Caan 😉
    Great channel btw, really appreciate your insight & honesty 👍

  10. It’s great software but i do find the separate windows a little frustrating – small issue. the Guardian function w. automation on BA Professional is worth the extra price imho

  11. Bet £ngel apart from the automation doesn’t do anything different from the others it’s complete bollox and poorly laid out to be honest Gruss is the cheapest and for manual trading is all youle ever need to still LoSE time after time after time ffs do an honest days work instead

  12. I dont like betangel at all.. icons are too small and theres so much info you just dont need…. prefer Geekstoy aswell… Wagertool goes ok too

  13. Tried all exchange software & for me Bet Angel is the best there is, why?, because of the advanced charting & market overview feature which is slightly more advanced than any other, once you’ve learnt how to get the best out of it I don’t think anyone will use any other 😉

  14. Hi Caan, I’m about to purchase one of your courses but can’t decide between Pre race trading guide or the video pack guide. Does the video pack guide contain a lot of the information in the pre race one? Or are the two completely seperate courses? Thanks

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