💰 We got the band back together for a March reunion. In this week’s episode of Bet On It direct from Las Vegas: Kelly Stewart, Marco D’Angelo and Ralph Michaels break down the opening round of the 2021 NCAA Tournament. Marco, Kelly and Ralph offer their strategies for handicapping March Madness before offering their predictions for each region. Which teams have the potential to be NCAA Tournament cinderella this year?

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This week’s Featured Games:
East Region – LSU vs St. Bonaventure
West Region – Oregon vs VCU
South Region – UNC vs Wisconsin
Midwest Region – San Diego State vs Syracuse

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  1. what a joke..youguys on san diegp state and the bonies…firts of all moutain west os weak.. ye utah state and san diego state….come on…a 10 also a joke….lsu y the cuse and te as tech winner…kelly stewart…dp you not watch lsu the last month..and the cuse too strong..wrong team seeded..san diehgo state numbe 11..kelly stick to hosting…buisnes is buisness..jaja bonies…

  2. texas tec h and the cuse va y…winners baby…..the cuse schooled san diego state….bye bye.mountain west…

  3. Kelly talked about how she didn’t really follow college hoops until now on another podcast. Not to throw shade on her, but how can you say you love team so and so and you never watched them play or followed them? Simply a marketing ploy to use her to sell picks. She is actually pretty sharp, so it’s a shame they use her that way.

  4. Coach B (Cuse) is right, they couldn’t have picked a tougher matchup as SDSU is more like a 3 seed! Sure, Malachi Flynn went 1st round to Toronto (where his San Diego State alum Kawhi Leonard won a Champion), and would have been a 1 or 2 seed last year, but their ball handling (don’t expect many turnovers) is still sound, and their two 3-pt gunners Shackel and Gomez (both well over 40%) – IF they are hitting, will break the 2-3 zone.

    The other key is 6’6″ Matt Mitchell who can play the middle with his stocky 235-240 lb body! He can shoot from the middle, he can drive like a locomotive, and he is great at finding Shackel or Gomez for the 3.

  5. Since Ken Pom started in 2001, 17 of the 18 NCAA winners have been in the top 20 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. There are only 4 teams that meet that criteria. Michigan, Gonzaga, Illinois, and Houston. And with Livers out for Michigan, I think that narrows it down to three teams (Gonzaga, Illinois, Houston). Therefore, good chance that one of those three teams win it all. And since Illinois and Houston are in the same region, that increases Gonzaga’s chances even more.

  6. I’ve seen a LOT of handicappers who are high on Oregon, Uconn, San Diego State, and Florida State to make a deep run. Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Texas, Ohio State; they all seem to be fading these teams in regards to making an Elite 8, much less a Final Four.

  7. My favorite all time show. Thanks for everything you guys do. I have been watching wager talk since I began betting and it’s been life changing. Truly amazing stuff!! I watch every video WT posts! Bet On It is the best! Thanks for all you guys do, truly.

  8. I’ve watched a lot of these shows over the past few years but this may have been the best one. Kelly has become one of the best hosts in the business. She is smart and vibrant and her style is perfect for this setup. Ralph is incredibly knowledgeable and I always learn so much from him. And Marco is probably my favorite handicapper in the business. All of the others are great as well including Gianni, Teddy Covers, Dave Cokin, Prez and so many more. Going to have to rewatch this and take notes this time because the first time was so enjoyable I actually forgot to. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.

  9. atlantic 10 is the minor leagues this year compared to the sec.lsu looked reeeeeeel good in the sec championship game against alabama.who is better st.bonnies or ALABAMA.NO BRAINER.

  10. cincinnati won twice as a dog then got rocked by houston.i fell for that trap with all those points.the linemakers are not stupid.

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