💰 On this week’s episode of Wager On it direct from Las Vegas, Kelly Stewart, Marco D’Angelo, Gianni the Greek, and Ralph Michaels break down NFL Week 6 and School Soccer Week 7 from a sports activities betting perspective and share their private NFL picks and predictions.

► The crew opens up the present going proper into the NFL Prime Time video games:

– Thursday Evening Soccer: Kansas Metropolis Chiefs vs Buffalo Payments
– Sunday Evening Soccer: Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers

► Marco, Ace, and Kelly dive into the NFL Week 6 openers and the place these numbers are at now and talk about whether or not the strikes are “sharp” or “public overreaction”.

– Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers / Steelers opened at -5.5, now -3.5
– Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts / Colts opened at -9.5, now -8
– Inexperienced Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Buccaneers opened at -3, now Packers -1.5
– Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers / 49ers opened at -3, now Rams -3.5

🤑 Tease Me! The Wager On It crew shares their prime NFL teaser spots of the week.

📖 Every week Ralph Michaels will sit down with Kelly Stewart for Ralph’s T & A Stat of the Week.

🔨 Who’re the sharps hammering? Discover out with Gianni the Greek’s Steam Recreation of the Week.

🥪 Marco D’Angelo’s NFL “Sandwich Spot” of the week.

🐶 Time for the “Barking Canines” phase because the panel goes over some dwell underdogs and discover out who Ace is planning to sprinkle on the moneyline.

🏈 The Wager On It crew shifts gears and provides out their school soccer picks and predictions for Saturday.

☝️ Every episode of Wager On It closes out with everybody’s favourite phase, Free NFL Greatest Bets!

0:00 Open
6:27 Primetime
13:02 Westgate
18:31 Teaser
23:25 Steam/Lure
29:42 TnA
38:12 Barking Canine
43:43 Greatest Wager NFL
51:51 Greatest Wager CFB
59:40 Present Wrap

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  1. 0:00 Open
    6:27 Primetime
    13:02 Westgate
    18:31 Teaser
    23:25 Steam/Trap
    29:42 TnA
    38:12 Barking Dog
    43:43 Best Bet NFL
    51:51 Best Bet CFB
    59:40 Show Wrap

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  2. I took Miami in a tease, it was New England vs Denver at Pickem that cost me! Patriots game vs K.C. took everything out of them, they look as flat as can be.

  3. The fact that marco even suggested a bet or pick on the jets should be a warning to all that you should never pay him for picks. Listen to VR he knows what he is talking about. Marco every time you talk from now on the volume will go to 0 or ill just fast forward it to VR

  4. Ok now that the Jets are buried . How does Marco answer the Jets rant this week. .? We can’t be to hard on him. He does pick winners also. Hehe

  5. Smh, cant believe i listened to marco on these jets, I dont think i have ever seen collectively such a sorry heap of maggot turd in my whole life

  6. Hey I commented about Kelly picking Cowboys as her best bet and they where on my blacklist well I decided to tail her on Buccaneers, I’ve been on a losing streak after being up though still up not by much,so I’m fading me and tailing ya’ll, but if Buccaneers win,I am w you Guys,Im all ready subscribed you guys are good,Let’s go Buccaneers 💪🤑💯👊

  7. Kelly. Stewart husband zimmerman. Fired…sorry kelly.lol…you.ll find. Another hubbby at ceasars hotel pool….great show guysi


  8. Kelly stewart….told you your husband will be fired this season. Thw kicker for tennese will be cut…..derrick.henry a beast. 200. Yard game vs houston…..love your show guys….awesome energy….

  9. Titans 38
    Texans 17
    The Titans demolish the Texans by playing a full great game, the Titans win the turnover battle, Tannehill runs for a touchdown and 2 Tannehill throwing touchdowns, Derrick the Locomotive Henry has a great game running for more than 112 yards and 3 Henry running touchdowns.

  10. Why are you guys big on dallas
    .giants are bad. Arizona is better than giants. Dallas no defense

  11. This is a marvelous show. With great information. All three do a great job. Really fun to watch . Marco with you on the Jets here Flaco get a little bit more acclimated end may catch Miami flat.

  12. Rams -3 is easy. 49ers are simply too injured on the D line to stop the heaviest run offense in the league. Don’t overthink it

  13. Thank you for your College Picks this week guys. Made some nice $$$ as a parlay with SC over Auburn and the Over on Memphis/UCF. Too bad the Tulsa game was postponed.

  14. Jets don’t have a shot.Miami plays ball they will beat them by 21.Jets will get a quarterback next season…Finish Last.

  15. The greek.man you were great with the prez andvteddy the. Other day .great show great energy in that show




  17. kelly the line move scares me a little but here is why i like cardinals kyle murray is going back home cardinals lost two straight before winning last week cardinals are in a much tougher division even if dalllas loses this game the nfc east is so bad that they can still get in cowboys off emotional win and usually if a backup wins there first game its a good fade situation and i think cowboys getting too much love

  18. marco i disagree with vikings here’s why falcons fired there coach a
    falcons reporter died vikings had a devastating loss last week those
    type of loses its hard to recover from i think vikings are on upset alert

  19. this week i like on the best ml or spread panthers ml niners ml or spread ravens on spread and cardinals on ml i disagee with browns

  20. I feel like the discrepancy between the Rams #1 overall qb pressure defense vs the niners bottom 4 in pass protection, should be easy rams money. Jimmy g CANNOT stop turning the ball over and getting sacked when he has no play action or pass protection. Rams -17

  21. Do not bet losers . Take the ravens and pats on a 6 pointer and worse case even if one of them is down 10 you can get a -3 on eagles 🦅 or Denver to break even

  22. Great job Gianni!! I agreed 100 %, its all about placing good bets, ppl tend to look at the results, long term winning is about methods and finding those edges, I come to this show every week not for picks, but for knowledge and you guys do that better than anyone, shout out to Kelly, Marco as well! Best content onn youtube! take care guys

  23. Cowboys?? Are your best bet of the week? If they win ill consider you a master capper let’s see what happens Kelly,im not tailing though there on my blacklist.Edit win or cover.

  24. Rams are real deal..
    Goff comeback player of the year. Offense running on all cylinders. Statement game for Rams. Believe Goff played college by the san Fran bay or his from there or both.. Goff needs more credit and going to stomp on weak SF team. Ram back up linebacker got 3 sacks or 4 last week… rams are deep on defensive front… they are going to make it ez on niners coach once they get to qb several times early..can’t stop bumrush

  25. Niners didn’t get caught looking ahead.The Dolphins looked sharper than the Seahawks the week before in defeat and are very underrated.On top of that the Niners looked awful against the Eagles.The moneyline on Dolfs was ridiculous.You would want to see major improvement from niners before investing in them.

  26. Best bet this weekend is the UNDER in the bears panthers they historically play awful ugly football games history will repeat itself today

  27. Betting the Cowboys with that atrocious defense makes absolutely no sense. The give up 36 points a game. The Giants went into last week averaging 12 pts per game and dropped 34 on them. If you have to bet this game, bet the over.

  28. hey Wagertalks, heads up that your create account ” username” section does not work on your website

  29. Your company is a rip off I purchAsed thr fold sheets Ana have been waiting for $209 promo code to use at wager talk and haven’t gotten anythig still!! I sent ten emails no response

  30. Marco and the Greek… who gives a ratts ass what twitter or the public thinks about your picks/bets…
    You guys rock… I value your bets and predictions. I will take your advice over any average Joe blow on the streets
    Btw i love the jets… Miami letdown

  31. VR & Kelly’s face @ 25:49 are the best! They speak for us all hahahaha. Now I have to take the Jets! #Trap #Sprinkle

  32. Marco said last week “if it looks too easy don’t overthink it sometimes”

    Have fun losing money on the Jets man 😂😂😂😂😂

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