Live Casino Roulette Fraud exposed – Number being called before the wheel stop spinning and the ball lands. This company is a SCAM. There is No video Lag- DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. HELP SHUT THEM DOWN PLEASE SHARE TO HELP EXPOSE THEM.

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  1. Nice video, be sure to read honest and real reviews for Betonline Casino on my blog before you join. Go to thegamblingreviews. com/betonline-casino-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Beck.

  2. I have seen that before, what really gets me is when the ball jerks back in a very wierd way.

  3. This doesn’t prove anything. The video feed is just lagging a little on your end. What would they gain from calling the numbers early, anyway? If it were a scam, they would be sure to never call the numbers early.

  4. I’ve hit on numbers called before the wheel stops spinning. Just a slow internet connection. Sorry.

  5. Cheaters. They toook my first deposit, 25euro and shutted down my account. Scam, fraud. Don’t give them your money

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