I TOOK $30,000 TO VEGAS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! I hope you guys enjoy this video! It was a long time recording and definitely threw me off track for my record and upload schedule but at least I have a bunch of videos in the works! enjoy:)

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  1. Good job but for me my opnion you could keep that money I wouldn’t want to have a gambling addiction. I heard that’s one of the worse additions to have . I’ll stay with the penny slots just for fun and drink my beers and enjoy the entertainment. But for you guys good job And this is not a Baptist sermon

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  3. Crazy video man
    Definitely confused on the views…
    Did you’re friend have a handicap for the game?

  4. So he won $45,000 in one weekend? That is very good but man, sounds like he has a serious addiction. Especially since he lost quite a bit on line like you said.

    Things will not end well for this guy. I almost guarantee he will lose everything he won that weekend and then some in the future.

    All in all, nice video man! Keep posting!

  5. Hello!! Good job on the vids! I really think that you should use SMZeus[.]com!! It would be the best way to help your videos rank higher in the search results!

  6. Gambling is a real addiction issue guys. Get help, not financially, but psychologically. Gambling is a serious issue, don’t gamble.

  7. Enjoy the win! Don’t let him go back! Recalibrate that gambling bug… Haha trust me… Rule of thumb is be okay with losing what you brought after big wins like that… Lady luck will b!tch slap you at some point. Big swings to get those wins are also big swings to lose your @ss. I have some crazy stories myself…. Living that VIP life is fab and that rush is more addictive than any drug out there… Hail mary wins are that… Hail Mary! Best of luck to you guys but be ok with the losses as well (and pay your bills first) . ❤️

  8. Hes back!! That was quite the story. Glad you guys made out with more 😂 I wonder what would happen if it wasnt so good😂

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