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  1. Jajajajajajajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja (Spanish laughs) que buenos videos !!! xD

  2. Should of just closed the app bro then I wouldn’t have saved i do it all the time only with double down bets for 100k profit I’ve made 3 mil already doing it

  3. I love how he said”BOOM”in the beginning and the rage and laugh in the background😂this video is so good

  4. I was expecting that you’d accidently back out of the game by a misclicking, but this is also bad

  5. I’ve won £1m this morning by betting 50,000 a time. Video will be up soon on how to do it 😏

  6. What I also like is betting 10k on the horses and loosing connection during the Race. The money was gone.

  7. You call this a bet going wrong, I started with 50k chips, did the slots and ended up getting around 360k chips, then went down to 250k chips so I left. Then I played blackjack for a white and managed to get up to 800k chips and I kept playing and lost it all.

  8. Dude ur channel is growing like crazy remember when u used to lose like 7 a day now u gain 800 a day and twitch I remember when u used to have 96 subs now 400 congrats

  9. The ad I got on this was ‘Huuuge Casino 777 Slots’

    Just putting more salt in the wound there, are we, ads?

  10. This is a new low. You Literally pay to lose money.

    You can buy the chips with real cash,
    but can’t redeem your winnings for said cash.

    It’s not a Ponzi Scheme.
    It’s surprise Dead Draw.

  11. As much as I love gta and I also love to gamble in actual Vegas. This is a horrible idea your just teaching little inbreed kids how to gamble so when they get older they can just be big inbreed adults shame on you GTA

  12. just disconnect your internet everytime u lose. ez. thats how i won the podium car lol only took like 5 or 6 tries

  13. I lost 550 000 in the casino today with blackjack and i know how the game works and i had played it many times before in rdr2

  14. Hahahaha wow that’s crazy! 😲😂🤣
    Though I swear that the High Stakes Blackjack table feels rigged most of the time and more difficult to win, where as I’ve had better luck with the standard Blackjack table in comparison!

  15. max bet and if you loose, close the application and your chips wont save. If you win, leave the table and change your outfit to save chips, then max bet again.

  16. If you think this is bad try betting 50k, splitting for 50k more, then doubling down on both hands for a total bet of 200k only to lose by the dealer getting 21. I rage quit the entire DLC.

  17. People say u need luck to make money on casino but I will say u need some skills and it’s easy I made 2 million through gambling in 3 hrs so simple.

  18. Bruh what the fuck, YouTube unsubscribed me from you.

    Also imagine not winning a 50k blackjack bet with double down

  19. Was kinda hoping for a guide from you on how to make money in the casino, but apparently you need one yourself. xD

  20. There’s this one slot machine in the casino that lm obsessed with l hope Rockstar don’t watch there player’s cuz there probably thinking l have serious issues 😂

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