Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of sports betting websites and this has brought about a kind of competition amongst the betting sites as they now try to provide the best odds for their customers. The betting game comes with a lot of anxiety and frustration as no one enjoys losing money or seeing their selected games lose. But yet most people commit costly mistakes that make them fail. We will discuss some of the reasons here.

The first thing we will discuss in this video is:
It is generally expected to be tempted by small odds. Some of the bettors have this perception that a team with small odds would then have a higher chance of winning. This assumption is wrong as some have come to learn over time. You’ll be surprised that even a 1.01 odds doesn’t stand a chance of winning in most cases. It is wrong to assume that a team would win (or lose) based on their odds. It is important that you check the statistics and previous records of the team you’re selecting before placing a wager.
The second reason why most people fail in sports betting is:

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  1. True rule no 1 don’t follow your heart on beting. h2h is important, 5 last matches of each individual teams.
    Avoid your favoritw team cause it will confuse your wishes and your judgement.
    Don’t listen to a friend opinion rather, if you are uncertain choose another team.
    Also look at standing tables and consider the importance of the game on imdividual teams.
    For instance Man City is leading by 20pts they are under no pressure to win all of their reminders match, so sometimes they are instructed just to go and enjoy the game.

  2. Thanks for the tips I would have not lost my money if there is a video like this at first. Thanks again bro keep making more👍

  3. Wonderful advice in this video. I’ve learnt how not to lose my wager(s).
    Small odds don’t always work, a lot of factors are to be considered before placing wagers…nice one !

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