Bonkers – one of the crucial weird finishes to a race you may see!

Jumps racing, you may by no means know what is going on to occur subsequent!

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  1. You backwards peasants and illiterate, uncultured pig herders do not know how to race. Come to america and we will teach you how to do it properly.

  2. That horse on the right slowed down after his jockey started slapping the shit out of it

  3. Remember watching this with my brother who had money on the impeded horse, I couldn’t stop pissing myself from laughter at his reaction

  4. I was in the betting shop when that happened everyone turned to each other and said that a steward inquires straight away and we all laughed

  5. I think that the winner should have been thrown out of results. The horse never jumped the last but went through the wing of the last fence

  6. I suppose that the riderless horse was disqualified for missing the last jump, apart from running so much of the race without the weight of a jockey.

  7. I absolutely hate this cruel so called “sport”. A sport is two equal opponents not somebody whipping the crap out of a poor animal!! If they ban the use of the whip then all the horses would be in an equal position and the fastest will win. When races finish you can see the welts of where the jockey has beat them. Also a lot have to have oxygen due to the distress caused. Unfortunately a lot also die. Humans call this a sport!! The reality is its just abuse. Yet again money [email protected][email protected]

  8. The winner should be disqualified . He changed line that’s why the second horse was stopped . Come back and win IS worthless. He should have shared his purse with the other horse.

  9. Was that accepted as they did not achieve jumping that final jump? And the white guard which marks the jump end as well as give the horse a visual marker had its position moved.

  10. Here you can see that some horses like jumping and running other ways the on wouldn’t have done it without a rider

  11. Love how everyone is saying that the first horse should be disqualified… First of all reasoning, that this horse took their teammate out of the race is unreasonable, becuase it just tried to follow the loose horse, so the rider could do little to nothing. Second reasoning, that the horse didn’t jump the fence, while you can clearly see it did jump over it.

  12. This kind of horse racing is horrible and personally I would NOT support this. Hundreds of horses get injured and die each year from this.


  14. Horse riding is a good sport, horse racing is dangerous
    Horse racing can be good if you don’t make the horse do what it’s uncomfortable with,
    Take care of the horse correctly without hurting the horse.
    And probably a few more things to name

  15. Can I please use this for a people being idiots and abusing horses video? Thank you for supporting such a horrible way of showing how beautiful and willing these horses are.

  16. That’s ridiculous that Capeland was disqualified for ‘taking wrong course’ because he was FORCED through the barrier like that, yet the winner kept the race. Unbelievable. Diego Du Charmil should not have been allowed to keep the race. They both should have been disqualified.

  17. The rules are that the horse has to jump the fence (or go through the hurdle) with of course, the jockey in contact with the horse. With neither of the horses having jumped/cleared the fence, they should have both been disqualified as none finishes.

  18. Love how the 3 horse got into the photo finish with a great run 😂… *he said I don’t need no man*

  19. I agree somewhat with Steve Charman, horses are herd animals & will instinctively “follow the leader”, it’s up to the jockey to keep them focused on the next fence (not easy when their eyes are on the side of their heads!)

  20. If that was in Australia the winner would have been disqualified on protest and the jockey would have gotten a hefty suspension for careless riding and failing to control his mount.

  21. If you watch it properly. The horse that was dq bumped the winner and forced him across. The winner done nothing wrong imo

  22. It did look like the two horses had been affected by the riderless horse running off the track. It was beyond the jockeys’ control. So I think the result was fair.

  23. Hahaha awesome. Love jumps racing. Looks like the leader had his eye on the loose horse and thought “damn…that’s much easier and much less work” and wanted to follow him at the last second lol. Horses are funny creatures. Check out this horse who goes back to the barn right on the last turn lol.

  24. Are you seriously telling me that the winner wasn’t disqualified? How come? Are these stewards or whatever the **** they are getting paid for this for real??? For being blind? Nice job…

  25. Here’s the way it is. The winner hampered his stable companion. Had they both got over the fence and the hampered horse finished, say 1/2 length 2nd, then the stewards would have solid proof that the incident affected the result. We may all agree it did but it is also possible without incident he might not have finished 2nd and it’s not about guessing. So quite simply there is no way to prove 1005 it affected the result. The winner never interfered with any other horse did jump the fence so he kept the race

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  27. in 1983, at Monmouth, I found a trifecta box of 1-2-3-8 on the floor before the 9th. They were 50-1, 35-1, 14-1, and 20-1, respectively, so I tried to cancel the ticket, but the teller wouldn’t let me. 10-9 are dueling six lengths in front at the furlong pole when #10 knocks #9 over the rail, wins, and gets disqualified, putting up 2-1-3, which paid $4,292.00 (I had half). This was my most profitable day ever at the track until I surpassed it three times in 2009 in a two-week span where I turned $20 into $13,000.

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  29. …the question remains, namely how did the winner keep the race and the second is disqualified ? Total shambles. I wonder if it is the Paul Nicholls effect, lol.

  30. How could the winner not be disqualified after taking his stablemate out the race, who was disqualified, just cause he actually jumped the fence “according to the rules”,clearly he took the other horse out the race, interference is just that

  31. Poor boys.. Bet that stung. I figure these weird end of race things happen because the horse is so tired and not thinking straight. Just flinging themselves at the finish.

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