There’s a whole lot even more to counting cards in Blackjack than fulfills the eye. Mike Aponte, previous participant of the notorious MIT Blackjack Team, takes us via the difficult procedure of counting cards.

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Blackjack Expert Explains How Card Counting Works|WIRED

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  1. If your good at math it’s not that hard I plan to study this video out more and give it a try

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  3. Wait wait wait didn’t he do his math wrong ? It was + 17 and then after it played out the last card was an Ace which is a minus one …. before that ace it was +22 and then he said it was + 23 after the ace ….?

  4. Agree 100% but I would also change basic strategy once the shoe remaining becomes egregiously negative…eg Hit 12 against dealer 4,5…hit hard 17 vs. 10 etc. and also alter my doubles and insurance bets…

  5. Back in the late 80s I had a friend name Charlie while living in LA. He found out his dad in Ohio died and that he had an Autistic brother. He flew out there to meet him and found out he was good at counting cards. They went to Vegas to try his luck and sure enough won $80k before getting kicked out of the Casino. I think his brother’s name was Raymond.

  6. 1:16 𝟖𝟖𝐣𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐩.𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛
    coba rasakan sensasional bossku, karena disini lagi banjer jp.. yakin dah gacor apalagi akun baru dimanja banget bossku..
    ini dia game yg ditunggu tunggu.
    ledakan bossku.

  7. Pause at 5:05
    He was at +17 before this deal and moved to +23 after, meaning +6 for the round/hand (I play poker idk what it’s called in BJ). I only see +4 on the board unless he’s counting the ace as a low card.. don’t know why he would do that. Someone plz explain or did he flub

  8. Celebrated a blackjack with 1200 on my hand dealer flip over black jack smh never celebrating with another player again I felt so stooopid

  9. The real count at about 5:08 did not increase 23, because his prior running count was 17. Then the next hand was: two 6’s, two 4’s, two 2’s, ace, and 10, so that’s an additional running count of 4 (6 – 2), and so 17 + 4 means the new running is 21, not 23, as the guy said.

  10. I swear to God I thought counting cards just meant “oh Jack is 10, that means I need 11 more :)”

  11. I have to cut my time in half before I am actually ready. I can count 10 cards all at once and super easy now. Practice makes perfect.

  12. I understand everything, except keeping track of the true count. Like, what’s the point of know the true count

  13. Welp. Came here thinking I might learn something cool about card counting, but I came out of it feeling dumber than ever.

  14. Remember that casinos are private places aka they can kick you out whenever they want. If you’re obvious and they understand you are using this strategy, you’re out. I even heard that some memory champions are not allowed in because they can count the cards that have come out (which is also why they use more then 1 deck for each play).

  15. you can play perfect blackjack fundamentals, but if you’re table is full of dumb dumbs you’re basically screwed

  16. take 100mg of adderall , and 100mg of modafinil before you go to the casino – the count comes to you theres litte to no effort involved in keeping the count or trying to hard to get ahead ..BUT and its a big butt do not do that more than 2x a week as you will completely lose focus and try to double your dose – which sends you backwards fast..dont be greedy /impatient or in any rush its counterproductive.

  17. 1:07 mampir boskuuu ^_^
    yang nyari web buat tembak parlay silahkan bisa mampir di
    banyak event parlay menarik , cek di menu promosi yah , :*

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  19. Oh man you should have done it much faster and complicated, this is so slow and simple for us to follow it

  20. wait so for example, if the running count was = -2 and there were 5 decks remaining, then the true count would be -2/5 = -0.4 or approximately -0.5? So when the true count is this low (and not even a whole number), what do you do? Do you just bet the absolute minimum? What is that true count telling us?

  21. What is 4.5 deck. Is it the number of cards remaining like 4 and a half card? What is a deck

  22. how about we just play 1 deck and shuffle it again after 1 round. is it this skills still useable?

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  25. I came here because i watched lucifer in netflix where Ella was caught counting cards at the casino. I watched this and still didnt understand what was happening. Maybe ill try to watch how to play blackjack first. lol

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