A shooting happened at the casino inside the MGM Grand. Two men got into an argument and one of the men pulled out a gun, firing off a shot. No one was hurt and both men took off.

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  1. And the media does little to confront the issues. Just wait until it happens again and the blood will be on their hands yet again. Then they can tell the innocent, it was their fault for remaining in the line of fire. Las Vegas and Nevada is corrupted. It won’t change until your citizens stand up and say no more.

  2. Metro need Police feet walking the strip. I’m from New Jersey. You ain’t going to Atlantic City shooting up a casino. Them Jersey cops will roll on your ass like New Jersey Drive.

  3. Funny they won’t say the race of the perpetrators, even though there’s tons of surveillance, no need to cuz everybody already knows who.

  4. Man go back to ur shit hole of a city and do that.
    Y’all messed up.we are already hurting
    And can’t even open up fully let alone with covid. Smh honestly I don’t think we will ever fully recover or this is literally the last of what once was.

  5. Pussies! Don’t even report thus shit! You’re giving these loser ass bums the attention the so desperately seek

  6. Our weekly shooting on the strip report. Can we make it a daily shooting? Sure if hotel room rates stay competitive to Siegel Suites. It’s not rocket science folks. Urban moving in. Reverse gentrification. I might go slumming too.

  7. 🙄 People , people , people feeling “ strong “ …. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you stronger or special … ITS A. PRIVILEGE … While shopping at Sams club , a guy pass by and hit me with his shopping cart , walking like “ torero “ ( bull fighter ) and I saw he had a gun in waist 🙄 ….. Just pathetic

  8. Just have the CHP stop every vehicle with Black people in it on the way back to Caliban territory. Along with the shooting perps you will get the bonus of several other folks with open warrants.

  9. The stimulus funds bring a Looot of thug characters to Las Vegas and weed dispensaries where they didn’t have the money to come before. Never had I seen so many of those thug characters before.

  10. Well they too busy concentrating o. Covid temp checks at the casinos and people that have symptoms so pat downs and lugguage checks are being ignored so yeh one can bring a gun in and you have it in ya jacket pocket like booze they do not do body checks or luggage checks so there ya go seen it at at local casinos.

  11. Argument and pulls out gun, why they afraid of an ass kicking. “You win some, you loose some but you live to fight another day” – Gayle Forman

  12. They need to let the criminal know if you carry a gun on the strip , it automatic 10yrs prison or more!!!

  13. Its all the people coming from California its proven facts google the news out here damm near everyone has been from there 😎

  14. Its nothing but thugs down there!! I won’t go to the strip anymore. It is nightly shootings.

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