Effectively what a breeding session!!

What number of foals did we breed?!

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  1. Maybe a Black mare could be named Rose? Any horse could have the name Rose.

    Rose, Thunder, Lion, Lion Heart, Rose Thunder, Black Beauty, Merrylegs, Silver, Goldrush and Poshpie just you say it like Poshpi! Hope you use some of the names i wrote!🥰

  2. Olive sugar toffee Naomi cranberry and carrots.
    Are some names that I picked from my very long selection lol

  3. please please name a horse this sugar if its white and is its like an orange color name it spice please please please

  4. Fern or star or reload or wicked or Koda or Neela or Margaret or glue stick or piggy or storm or magic or galaxy or icy or ellie or soex or barely

  5. if you put spaces between each letter I wont do the star thing and can I make a horse for you it will be called lady ranger

  6. You can make outher account ta in stead of selling aria and black rose and specks

  7. you sell good horses! its sadly but i do it every day! my rival stars horse racing mobile version har only 5 -6 places and i berred every day! but i dont have rare horses! only 1…. or 2! and something other colors!

  8. I love Paint horses forever .
    Names Bella and Black Furry and Lady Ranger and Polly and Misty and Blaze and Rocket and Lixie and Beauty and Firestorm and Roxie and RainDrop and Buck and Gracie and Willow and Stellaand Rosie and Cocobean and Sky and Black Beauty and Magic . I love your Breeding videos and i am a new Subscribed . Happy Early Birthday to you .

  9. horse names suggestions
    black magic

  10. Here is my Favorite horse names : 1. Flash 2. Reno 3. Buddy 4. Flicka 5. Grace 6. Starlight 7. Luna 8. Breeze 9. Lightning 10. Stormy 11. Twister 12. Zelda 13. Penny 14. Thunderhead 15. Angel 16. Daisy 17. Buddy 18. Lilly 19. GrayStar .

  11. Hello, can you accept me on steam? I need help.. we need to be friends on steam to be friends on Rival Stars saddly.

    Im stuck on lvl 18! My steam name is ~Asami~

  12. Did you know that on the mobile game for Rival Stars, you can “pet” the foals that you breed??? It’s nothing too special but I think it’s adorable and makes you feel more connected to your horses. Keep up the awesome videos!! ❤️

  13. Man idk what to think because I really liked your videos and another youtubers videos but turns out I heard you have been stealing her videos pretty much by copying her and when she tried to talk to you about it you responded childish and made rude comments to her

  14. When I watched the video where you sold all of your horses I was like:
    Oh no she didn’t
    Then I watched when you sold them:
    Oh yes she did

    Also i didn’t get to finish the whole video. I fell asleep

  15. Umm I have someone to tell u. On this channel they were saying that you were taking their ideas I’m not gonna say the channel but I just wanted you to be aware of this because I don’t think you would copy someone else channel ideas.

  16. The way you can prevent the stars from coming up you can put spaces in there such as Zorro you can do Z O R R O

  17. The people making horses could put a LRG infront of their horses name so that way you know the horse is for you

  18. Hey I wanted to leave this in the nicest way as possible so I watched Ancient Ghosts video and I wanted to ask why you are stealing her titles and her thumbnails just a question

  19. No offence I love your channel butttt…….
    Did you copy Ancient Ghosts videos cuz in her
    newest video she exposed you and I don’t know
    who to believe please please reply Chloe

    And I have noticed that you have used other people’s horses pictures in the older videos 😔 🤔

  20. A good name for crunchy cannon would be “ inky “
    I just got to the point we’re you named ur horse u named inky another name for summer would be “ bluey” or “ blossom “

  21. I get the game because I was watching you and I fell in love with the game because of you and I really appreciate it and thank you because I really do love it

  22. Thanks to your tips I have made it to level 20! Thanks so much! Just need money now cause money means foals!!!! 🎉🙌

  23. Since no one has said it. I think the mascot should be two separate horses since it’ll be easier to base the designs on your horses and you’d be able to sell merch with the horses separately along with merch of them both so extra profit >;))

  24. 𝚒 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚍 𝚌𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝙰𝚙𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. you should seriously give ancientghost credit for her own ideas not to mention the thumbnails and titles you copied

  26. Hi, I would like to inform you that I am a friend of a small creator of whom of which you are copying their ideas by. If you continue this, at least give credit to the creator for the idea. The creators name is Ancient Ghost. They posted this idea a few days ago and they noticed that you are posting similar ideas and if possible, please credit the user. We have also noticed that this is not one but a few times you have done this, just by the same creator. Please give credit. Thank you.

  27. One time my friend and I were playing and she bred a horse named “Burning Babies” 😂 she had the coolest markings too

  28. I’m obsessed with rdr2 online. I Mainly just wanted to play it bc you can ride horses and stuff. But there’s so much you can do in red dead. I think if you started playing that you would gain a lot of followers. You can have up to ten horses, you have to bond with them by riding, brushing, leading, feeding him. But you can also race other players if you want. You can hunt, make moonshine, buy clothes for you character, collect stuff, it’s really cool. And if you get the naturalist eventually u will get a perk for your horse to pick you plants and hand them to u I love that 🤣

  29. I’m not clever, but I do know horse genetics in real life. Not sure if its the same in the game. Chestnuts have a red gene, one cream dilution on a chestnut makes a palomino, and two makes a cremello. A bay has a black gene, they create black on occasion. A bay with one creme dilute makes a buckskin, and two creme dilutes make a perlino. A black with one creme dilute makes a smokey black, and two creme dilutes make a smokey cream. Hope that helped!

  30. Hey for making my subscribers horses you should totally do my horse Loki! He is a dark buckskin with black dapples a blue eye, alternating little white socks, and a big bald face, he’s adorable and such a good boy😁

  31. Name suggests
    Rosy mary if it’s a mare
    Milky way
    Emily idk why it’s a basic name lol
    Those are my name suggests I hope you use them

  32. I’m pretty sure you can rename the mares when they’re foaling, I think you couldn’t do it because you were in the foaling stall where you can’t rename/ click on them last video

  33. Just a name suggestion for any horse could be canyon moon,kiwi,sunflower,sweet creature,River road,clouds

  34. If you want to find other horses but don’t want them all to be Lady Ranger you can just add LR to the end so like Kringle LR or Sunny LR so you know it’s Lady Ranger and then you have what they name the horse so all you do it take off the LR

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