‘Sharon’ has been hooked on poker machines ‘pokies’ since they first arrived in Australia in 1992. By way of this animated documentary, she reveals the devastating affect playing has had on her life. Her story culminates with an incident that pushes her over the sting: an encounter together with her seven-year-old daughter and her treasured piggy financial institution.
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Warning – viewers could discover the content material of this movie distressing. Within the UK and Eire, Samaritans will be contacted on 116 123 or e mail [email protected] or [email protected] Within the US, the Nationwide Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. In Australia, the disaster help service Lifeline is 13 11 14. Different worldwide helplines will be discovered at www.befrienders.org

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  1. The breakdown and dehumanisation of so many ordinary individuals, perfectly captured and projected via your amazing animation.

  2. These machines need to end. It’s just a pitfall and they’re not to be trusted or taken lightly.

  3. I did not enjoy this video. I feel like I would have needed to be tripping on LSD in order to like this film. Just sayin.

  4. Barona Casino reels you in.They make you feel all fuzzy and special. As long as you spend your money your considered family. Once you run out of money, you are now a stranger and nuisance. At that point they ban you and consider you a problem.

  5. You think your too smart to fall in the trap and when you do you can’t get out until you tell others around you to help you out

  6. I had this urge to continue in Monaco once on a class trip, I promised myself to only gamble with 5 Euros, i instantly lost all of it, but then thought, I can easily get it back and almost put 10 euros in it again. Glad i snapped out of that desire.

  7. I apologize sincerely for commenting here. I’m not a bad person, just so desperate for help. You have a spare $1? Tryin’ to save to get a working laptop – to start a homebased job. I got no opportunities outside. 😷 Lost a lot since 2020.

  8. at least with smoking theres warning on the packaging, but with gambling unfortunately theres no warning

  9. This is a huge problem at least in my country. We have online casino adds even on kids channels. There’s no statistics proving how many people are actually addictive. There’s no policy that can protect their family members! I’ve been studying this problem from every angle. I’m also planning to do either documentary or research paper to address this issue to our society! The problem of our society is that “you must be ashamed by speaking it out”. I personally lost almost everything for paying out the debts that I never acquired.

  10. Funny my friends grandma has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on slots in the past 10 years and she looks down on us for doing an occasional line.

  11. Boring.. nothing new here… this is a typical average story of most gambling addicts…

  12. Me being so condescending to the woman then halfway through the vid I remember how much I lost on stocks and crypto

  13. This is my life… I’ve done worse things to the people I love to feed my demons.. I always try to stop but I can’t… Death seems to be my only way out 😔

  14. Hey theGuardian Artificial intelligence , Why do you remove my post to a link from your own website! Left wing news can say it but I can’t why?

  15. Gambling (and its digital equivalents e.g. microtransactions, pay to win, FIFA Ultimate Team packs etc.), smoking, drinking, drugs – all vices that have done more harm than good.

  16. I think it’s a similar problem to the micro-transactions you see in gaming. When you don’t “see” the money leave your pocket, that’s when it’s dangerous.

  17. Before gambling was legalised in Queensland, one of the pro-gambling arguments was that it would choke illegal gambling which was a very small problem at the time. Now days, the results are obvious. I would like to see every poker machine crushed and melted down.

  18. I find it interesting that this woman didn’t seem to be aware that they were gambling machines, just some sort of low-money stakes game.

  19. I like the guardian article about Trump being a kgb asset….biggest asset the kgb have in the usa is the ….the ny times / washington post / cnn and in the uk, the guardian.

  20. Look at the society we live in. Bookies, casinos, alcohol all flashed in our faces. The vulnerable will always be drawn in. Consumerism holds more value to industry than morality, this is why I advocate for a remodelling of our own economy here in the UK, but that will only gain support through education and it is NEVER the priority of the state to educate. Because with education comes revolution.

  21. Love this, vector graphics? Reminds of original Tron film or Tempest /Battlezone arcade game. Lovely movement with paper cut-out minimalism too, makes me want to draw again – maybe some crayon etching, thanks.

  22. “When the fun stops, STOP” Doesn’t work because the fun only stops when it’s too late.

  23. Here is the question to all the detractors and critiques of the Ethiopian government—who have no axe to grind.
    * Where in the world have you seen such a lightning victory against a well-armed, well-networked, and well-resourced force (tplf Terrorist organisation)with the least casualties and damage?
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    * Where in the world does the leader of a nation talks about rebuilding while the conflict is still hot on the plate?
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  24. I get the addiction but what I don’t get is how people can’t predict their future after a track record of losing and see they are most likely just going to lose!?
    Does an experienced person at the mugs (that’s what fruit machine arcades are called in UK) ever count what they get back from, say 100$? Its the first rational thing to do, it’s as if they’re not capable of complex learning.

  25. So what happened? DId she ever get help? Or still hitting the machines? Weird ending

  26. Some folks should just live on a remote island where there is essentially nothing.except food water medical care and clothing. Otherwise this stuff happens.Too bad.

  27. Just Like Smoking, there should be a warning sticker put on these machines to warn the user that gambling causes addiction

  28. When I was home for Christmas, my parents had terrestrial TV on. There are no alcohol ads on Irish TV anymore iirc, but there were three gambling ads per slot. I was really dismayed at these companies being allowed to be vultures to really vulnerable people. I know some people can moderate but so many lose their lives to it – and their families suffer. I hope things can improve. A little disclaimer whispered at the end of an ad does nothing.

  29. Gamble just like guessing big or small, can not always guess right, wrongs much more than rights, so the final you bet larger, you lose worse, only one time guess wrong, can lose anything

  30. Omg, so sad. It could happen to anyone. The minute you think you’re too smart to get sucked in, it’s got you.

  31. But its Gaming/ Gambling , also “State”👎backed where i live .
    Offshore ones Manufacturing industries for cheap labor and then legalize ‘casino gambling’, “Welcome to Hell” . …

  32. The way mobile games are and given how console and PC games want to follow. A lot of now kids will have had this experience by the time they’re 30…

  33. For one person to win a lot of people have to loose that is so true of all kinds of gambling haunting words me my thoughts are on scratch and wins should be called scratch and loose

  34. Let’s make a comparison with the social media of today. Addictive, demoralising and destructive.

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