Practical advice on building a sports betting bankroll from almost nothing. These 5 tips will help you get started in growing a serious bankroll for betting.

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Intro – 0:00
Seek Promotions – 4:38
Low Hanging Fruit – 12:22
Kelly Betting – 15:50
Arbitrage – 20:12
Protect Your Bankroll – 24:41


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  1. Had a bankroll of 150 got it up to 1500 within a month doing it slowly. Games I like bet about 15-20% of bankroll, and those I don’t I use alternate lines and parlay 2-3 teams using 5-10% of bankroll.

  2. Hi Just like and subscribed your channel. Please do keep the great work going. thank you for your wise recommendations ; however, Someone living outside the States i.e. Istanbul/TURKEY, do you have any advice as to which international supports book or one in the states that would take international customers? Also would you share your notes/screenshots of your real betting of any day on NBA games? That I think would really reinforce the theories your are so well teaching here. Regards

  3. Thanks for making this video. I am a rec sports better. In MI where online sports betting just became legal. I have a smaller bank roll of $200 and betting $5 to $10 a game. I have done well and made $400. I put the $400 in to bank account. While keeping $200 in two sport betting accounts.
    My question in your opinion how big should a rec better bankroll be? When should should I put money back in to my bank account? To show real signs of profits.

  4. Another great video sir. One correction though: if you apply Kelly staking correctly, technically there’s no risk of ruin because when you’re on a losing streak you stake as a percentage of your smaller bankroll so your bet sizes in $ will get smaller and smaller. There is a decent chance of losing half or more of your bankroll that way, but that’s not quite the same as going broke.

  5. Love the videos. The only thing I don’t understand here is how do you find your edge % for a bet to be able to do the Kelly calculation?

  6. Love your videos! My buddy and I jumped into the world of online sports gambling a few months ago and I wish we had seen your videos then. We joke that we came to the same conclusions and tips that you provide but it was costly!! Questions for you: are there any sites out there that track arb angles between the different gambling sites? It’s tedious and I want to rip my eyes out sometimes. Second question: trying to follow a zero variance, live hedge bet model (to take advantage of live profit boosts) will give almost anyone heart issues…aside from wagering at halftime or intermissions of games, any tips? Any sports tend to have more static lines that will make it easier to live, hedge bet? NHL games have been decent so far…Last question-ever think about making a video about the psychology of odds boosts bets, promo bets, profit boost bets, etc? I’ve learned to sniff out the bs promo bets very quickly that have low chances of hitting.

  7. Very smart, like…..I’m on the East coast. You should teach margins, extremely profitable!
    I’m willing to help with contents. I’m a regular at Fanduel. Sincerely , Neil

  8. I love watching the money grow slowly. I like doing prop and spread bets. Turning things into teasers is also good for me

  9. Bro sign up promotions are the worst why you telling people about it. Most of them have a rollover of insane amounts. Do you think these sports books are idiots or something and they’re just giving you free money.

  10. What about the rollover on the promos. Thats why i never use them. They always have like 10× rollover so you have to wager 10× the amount you get in your promo before you can make a withdraw.

  11. Really good information for newbies. I have only been betting on sport’s now for a couple of year’s as it just recently became legal. However I have been passionate about sport’s my entire life and I would love to get to a point to where I could do this full-time as opposed to working a regular job. I do hear stories from people about getting banned from certain book’s for winning. I mean how often and how much does one have to win before a sportsbook bans an individual? Do you know anyone personally that have been banned for winning? That’s crazy.

  12. What exactly is a stale line? Is it a line that doesn’t follow movement at other outlets or is there some other definition?

  13. I love this content 👏
    Just one question though.. you mentioned you’re not supposed to withdraw money from bankroll etc. But how’re you supposed to make money of off betting? Like when is it ok to withdraw money at the end?
    Keep up the good work. 👍

  14. Some good info here. I keep trying to get a friend of mine to take advantage of promos but he is so comfortable with the site he uses.

  15. Jack, good morning Can you talk about web sites that you know that makes handicapping the actual games easier and more clarified. For instance I use Don Best. Any info would be great. Thank you

  16. It’s terrible online betting isn’t legal in NY yet ? Is there any way around that outside the dark web?

  17. I’m a low stakes card counter seeking other options because of lack of availability at beatable games due to covid. Casinos who were hardly offering authentic blackjack to begin with, are offering even less now. Changing the rules. Changing the payout. Continuous shuffle machines, 3 seats per tables etc etc…Your channel is great. Just started a sports bankroll as well as a Video Poker one.

  18. This is awesome, Jack. I’m in Pennsylvania, how often do all of the major sports books have odds boost that actually provide a large enough edge to bet?

  19. Hi Cap – could you share some high variance ideas; maybe a video. Match betting or promo hunting just isn’t worth the time esp for business guys and poker players – sustainable EV and high $ amounts is what excites us.

    Fab content btw – love it.

  20. Whats your take on daily plays of one game, and go for 25-to-1000-challenge or 50-to 1000 challenge.

  21. I just found your channel. I have been betting mainly college football the last 20 years. I never bet big so I never lost big but eventually the book would get me because I would lose more than I would win. Your information is very useful and thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  22. Hey Captain, I’m a poker player who is looking to broaden his horizons. You’re channel is exactly the type of content I was looking for. Thanks a bunch

  23. hi Captain, great video, what strategies would you use to roll over a bonus quickly? just try to get any .026% edge arbing?

  24. Great video, thanks for the content much appreciated.
    Good advice for any betting bankroll, really can be applied universally to any gambling bankroll management.

  25. Thanks so much for the great pandemic content!

    I’m a part-time advantage player, but I have an underlying health condition that’s going to keep me out of casinos until there’s a vaccine. I’ve got zero prior sport betting experience.

    I’ve been using the pandemic time studying “The Logic Of Sports Betting”, watching your videos, and building some models. I feel like I’m ready to start getting my feet wet – and I’ve hit a snag. My state has no prospect of legalizing sports betting – and I’m not close enough to the border to make frequent trips. I’ve looked at signing up for some offshore books, but I seem to get the “We don’t accept bets from your jurisdiction” message a lot.

    Would you consider making a “How To” video for people in my situation? Is there a way to get some bets down from home, or has the study time been wasted?

  26. Great content as always, sir. I’m relatively new to sports betting, as I just turned 21 this year and my state (Illinois) has just got on the sports betting wagon. Nevertheless, I have been fortunate enough to stumble on some success, particularly with Boxing betting. I wish you continued success both in wagering and on YouTube, and I look forward to following all of your future content!

  27. Just wanted to stop by to say I love the content. You’ve really changed the way I think of sports betting. I live in IL, so just now starting to get options here that aren’t offshore. Been sharing your stuff with some buddies of mine too. Keep up the good work!

  28. Great content as always. Looking forward to your next online sportsbook review. Would be very interested in seeing one on BetMGM and Circa.

  29. Good stuff as always Jack. KIV pic popping up in the “Kelly Betting” section caught me off guard and gave me a good laugh. To echo what was said in the video, I’ve easily added 100’s to all my accounts here in CO taking advantage of all the crazy odds boost promos and ‘no brainer’-type bets. Basically free money.

    Hoping you post some NFL content so I can be less of a donk, but understand the market efficiency would make that a challenge.

  30. Thanks for the videos Cpt. Jack. I have 2 questions.
    1) Is there a way to find out which legal sportsbooks are backed by the same parent company so that I don’t have my bankroll dispersed in two sportsbooks that have identical lines?
    2) Would I get booted or penalized from a sportsbook if I take their deposit bonus and use it to bet on both sides of the same game? Ex: with a $500 deposit bonus in site credit, bet $250 on both sides of a -110 game to guarantee $227 is added to my account.

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