Can You Make Cash Roobet Betting?

Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 | My Story | Biaheza:

On this video I attempted outsmarting and incomes cash on a web site known as Roobet, that some have in comparison with day buying and selling shares. I particularly tried a “Roobet buying and selling” technique known as the Martingale Technique. This video is for leisure functions solely.

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  1. hypothetically what if you scrolled back up and increased the multiplier next to the like button on this video

  2. One time o place a bet of 1 dollar and it reached 2.000 and the second i press to drop it actually crashed!! Last time i played!

  3. In my opinion, this martingale strategy works only if you set a limit to your loss multiplier to lets say 4

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  7. Win is only in your mind and hope, in reality they program for you to always lose. The winner are the creator.

  8. i watched this video ages ago, but ide really like you to try this strategy again except this time multiply your bet by 3x on a loss and set auto cash at 1.5x, please if you could make another video that would be great, this video was so fun to watch.

  9. Lol what’s makes you think this is random? I bet if you had $10,000,000 you’d still lose it all. Consider it a tax on stupidity.

  10. If you put the auto cash out at 1.01x and put $10 in each time in theory yes if it crashed at 0 you’ll lose but 90% of the time it gets more and you can soon put way the losses

  11. I lost it all lol. I mean it’s pretty obvious you put cents there it goes x30+ when u put more it crashes at 1-2x in my opinion you cant make money. Just watching out for people looking to get into that.

  12. The best strategy that literally guarantees profit is this. Go in with 1 dollar (for example, you can go in with however much you want) and set the auto cashout to 2x. If you do not hit 2x and lose your $1 then up your bet to $2 and do the same thing. Again, if you do not hit the 2x multiplier then bet $4 and go again. Keep doubling your bet until you win. As long as you have enough money in roobet you cant lose.

  13. Awesome, one time i was down 700$ and that is when i started to gamble i got all my money back in that night
    You are so generous…always donating to that poor casinos ! God bless you ! 😀

  14. Biaheza: “This video is not sponsored by anyone.”

    Biaheza 30 seconds later: “I had to use a VPN, which is where the sponsor of today’s video comes in!”

  15. You’re not supposed to go for a 4.00x cash-out when using Martingale, the idea is that you double your bet each time you lose and go for a 2.00x cash-out. This way, everytime you bet win, or win after multiple losses, you double your original bet.

  16. what if you kept 100 dollors in and put the cashout at 1.01? you would make a buck every game right?

  17. why not just go to 1.05x or a low amount like that and just keep going. compound interest BABY

  18. the martingale is a bullshit strategy and is around for ages. The reason why it’s bullshit is because you start with 1$ and by doubling it every time you lose you can have 500$ on the line for only 1$ profit. If you have unlimited cash, sure, in theory it could work, but if you fail 16 times in a row, which does happen, you need to put down 64000$…for a 1$ profit…and the odds of winning/losing stay the same.
    I’ve seen people use this in casinos, especially at roulette-tables, betting on black/red, saying they’ll always win if the keep doubling…until it hits red/black 17 or even 20 times in a row, which happens every single day. the world record is 32 times in a row, meaning by using the martingale, you need to put on more than 2 billion dollars, once again, for a 1$ profit if it finally hits.

  19. At first I was having a two minded opinion, before I encouraged myself just to give it a trial with just little capital to invest with EXPENDABLEMONEYSOLUTION!

  20. i’m glad you gave a realistic view. i expected shillery. gambling = losing. it’s to be done with small amounts for entertainment

  21. I had this idea that you should put your max bet on the table every time it crashes immediately and pull out very quickly. Almost can’t lose but you’d have to make a bot to do it for you bc it would take forever

  22. this is not like stock market…. its gambling just because it looks like a line chart… so stupid

  23. Martin Gale method works much better on coinflip and I would recommend being able to double down 7 times, but the more you are able the safer your bet is

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