Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival.
Go expand your mind and learn something new at The first 300 people (they opened this up to first 2,000) get 2 months FREE!

0:21- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday –
0:53- Carnival Song written special by Andrew Applepie-
3:40- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
10:00- Q- Blue Wednesday –
11:13- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

Summary: I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.



I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:





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  1. we won a gold fish that lived for 9 months once. we named it and everything, but it eventually died, my wife’s heart was broken

  2. Also play in the morning as they will tilt the tubs to make them easier to throw in or give you rings with bigger holes so they will drop over the bottles as they want winners in the mornings carrying prizes around to tempt more people in to playing.

  3. I got a fish 1 time and we got him a bowl and food flakes he passed the next day 😭 they didn’t even take care of my garyyy

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  5. so we need to consider the ladder a single rope so why not to stick to one string of the ladder so as to maintain stable eqm with the ladder

  6. HEY.

    You’re being totally unfair when it comes to the stock value of the prizes compared to what you pay on a chance to win them.

    I mean… don’t whine about that exact same thing when you go out to eat. It’s quite literally buy low sell high. This is all working on the assumption you win on the first attempt.

  7. My dad played basketball so I would always make him do the basketball games so I could get the cool bit stuffed animals 😂

  8. I LOVE statistics. The variable that throws off the value is the “fun” aspect. There are many people that play these games for the “fun” feeling, similar to playing slots in a casino. Some people play the cheapest slots so the fun can keep going longer.

  9. Some basketball hoops aren’t round. If you look to the side you can see it is more of an oval. Chances of making that in are pretty much nil.

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  11. In my family we have won the ring toss 1 time my parents were so mad it was a giant Scooby-Doo and we were out of town

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  14. Well, they sell the fun and laughs you had when you do these.. especially with kids. Thats why family group most often go there. Kids need to take break and go somewhere to defeat boredom and carnivals provide that. Just play it for fun, the gifts are bonus.

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  16. I only played the The ladder climb just because it looked fun. Me and my friends always compete about who goes the furthest

  17. They use to have the 2 crispy plate side by side & needs to take a chip form both side. I use to alway score there but count get the bottle to clear now I know why’s . And I knew that basket ball was over pump. That bounce LOL

  18. You go to an amusement park to enjoy and not to earn money. If you do want to earn money? Get yourself a job. hahahaha

  19. 20,000$ a day isn’t much when you have 100s of employees and huge electric and water bills just to say the least

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  22. one time i won the ring bottle toss then regretted it after a bit because carrying around that 7ft stuffed dog on my shoulders for hours was not fun

  23. Me:
    “I ain’t spending more than $20″
    Also me:
    ” Nah imma try one more time 🤹‍♂️” (tries many more times)
    Also also me:
    “This sh** is definitely RIGGED”

  24. Ring Toss: spray the bottles with non-stick cooking spray.
    Sharpshooter: Slightly bend the sights. When they get used to it, change guns. Rinse and repeat.

    My dad used to work in carnival games. Taught me all about them. My best advice: make sure the amusement rides are safe and spend the day there.

  25. Too much info too fast.. not enough time to absorb. Brain can’t compute….

  26. Notice some basket toss now they put a wooden stick at the lip of the basket now. They would tell you u can’t hit where the stick is.

  27. Mark … these people do what they do for a living. What do you expect ? It’s a service they offer. The value for the players doesn’t come from the wares but from the way they are obtained.

    These are just regular businesspeople. They have to earn something for a living, pay their equipment and maintenance, electricity, rent for the place they are on, taxes, etc. etc.

  28. Well me and my family got lucky with that ring toss y’all call imposible I guess because we got it once

  29. i grew up in the town this is in no wonder I wasn’t allowed to go there very often but I did love the rides especially the log rides

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