On line casino Baccarat My betting Model.
Whats higher Smaller bets = extra occasions betting
Or greater bets much less occasions betting – Each after the similar win quantity.
Received my Win YEE – HAW Get out
This channel is about the right way to win on the On line casino
We’re On line casino Amigos, I’m Wilson a retired Photographer
I principally Play Baccarat In order that’s what most movies might be about.
For all you Patreon and Paypal supporters
The Baccarat making a dwelling Web Guide might be up quickly,
To dangerous the Casinos closed earlier than Pam actually received began
However not less than Debbie Received a begin along with her arrange.
So let me say thanks for all of the help.
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  1. For the first time in my about three years of exposure to casinos, for entertainment purposes, I can say that you have made baccarat make sense to me.
    I am good at roulette and look forward to trying some of my modifications of your ideas, which make perfect sense to me.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. hi i thought your betting pattern is BBP. If you walk up to a shoe at any random time and if you lost 2 B in a row shouldn’t your next bet be P?


  3. I came up with the same pattern, BBP or PPB, 4 years ago, by myself. Your timing for playing is better than mine. You are a good gambler. Good Luck.

  4. thats very impressive you havent lost over year, but how many winning sessions you had in the year average?

  5. Thanks for clearing it up mate 👍 I have done the same stratergy on roulette in the past using odds of something repeating against the casino works great most of the time.
    I guess best advise is don’t sit there and bet every hand wait for those good set-ups 👍

  6. Sorry amigo, but I thought that you bet BBP. I noticed you kept on Banker till it (banker) came out. Just curious are you playing another system? Thanks buddy.

  7. Question you say u play banker banker player but around the 7 min mark u bet bank 4 times in a row. So u dont switch to player on 3rd try? Also how many hands do u have bankroll for.thx

  8. I wanted to mention the shoes now these days at the casinos are not random they’re not just put in a happenstance order they are putting a order that is advantageous to the casino I’ve looked at the ads and I’ve looked at the websites for the shuffle King and shuffle Master machines and they are put in a specific order that is manipulated to keep guessers guessing another words these shoes are not random they are put in a pre-programmed order by the shuffle machine they do not literally shuffle the cards into a random order they put them in a specific order that is advantageous to the casino to raise their profit ratio just something I thought you guys should know I’ve seen it myself now they have where I go in Cherokee North Carolina they have a continuous shuffle machine which puts them in a specific order that is advantageous to the casino and raises the prophets so you are no longer dealing with patterns like in a random fashion now the shoes the way the cards are dealt or all to be in a certain preconceived pre-programmed order.

  9. hey casino amigo I would love to talk to you first of all as you probably know baccarat is a 50/50 game level words the next play will either be a opposite or repeat or a banker or a player that’s it it’s a 50/50 game so if you were able to win 50% of your hands with a progression you should be able to win at a profit I would love to talk to you please give me a call 434-251-5007 thanks so much and no pattern is either more likely or less likely to win no pattern will ever be a way to win in my opinion the winning is in the math of what the results are the games 50/50 so it’s either going to be a player or banker so if you play 500 hands by the end of five hundred hands and you should be even you should win 50% of your bets I would love to explain my strategy a little bit to you maybe give your opinions to me thanks so much give me a call 434-251-5007 I am in the state of Virginia.

  10. 1. How do you get the “W” to show up on your Main Road colored dots? My version does not do that. 2. Do you always do the modified martingale 1,3,7….? 3. I noticed that you skipped doing BBP or PPB, was that on purpose? 4. Do you have a written list of the rules you follow? Thank You

  11. What are results on the simulator when you fo PPB?? Would you play PPB if you saw a players dominated shoe?

  12. Hi, I thought Debbies system using the Bead graph was interesting. Any more results or thoughts on it?

  13. Hey CA, I’m glad to hear you haven’t busted and constantly looking to improve your game. Hit and run isn’t my style and I never get access to too many tables anyway. Windcreek has tons but they are usually packed and I don’t feel comfortable bouncing around.

  14. Nice video! Well done.
    Are you using Marty on this?
    Would make sense to do Marty plus 1( 1 3 7 16)

  15. You are a good inspiration to me. I’m a big fan of Christopher Mitchell. I have listened for several months to his YouTube programs. I believe him 100%. It is great to hear and impartial person who has his system, like I do, who has had success with it. Keep up the good work. Bob


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