Casino Coin Swap Information
Swap news has not been announced yet.
If you don’t see anything, then news hasn’t broke yet.
As soon as anyone knows anything, everyone will know.
Discord, Telegram, Twitter will light up with the breaking news.
**At this point you will have 60 days to complete the swap process.
For now:
1. Download CasinoCoin Token wallet from “not BRM”
2. If not actively trading, get your funds off the exchange and into your token wallet. “not your keys, not your coins.”
3. Sit on your hands and patiently wait for news of the swap.
***This information comes from CasinoCoin***

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  1. Im new and confused..what do I do sell now.i have some casino coin .Do I just leave it in my ledger or sell…

  2. Yes,, XRP is the “Casinocoin” . eventually it will make us broke, 3 years and still down here

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