Casino Meltdown Bizarre Conspiracy Related to Cryptocurrency and vegas shooting ,

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  1. Start by obtaining a slot machine manual before making conspiracy theory’s. If Tech and casino workers knew how to win at these machines people would not even be working at a casino and the industry would not even exist.

  2. This dude is ignorant to how ticket validation systems work and how slots work. The games are in hand pays because the system that handles the vouchers being accepted and printing is no longer communicating. This causes the game to go into a hand pay since it can’t print a ticket for the cash out. It also causes the games to not accept tickets because it can’t verify they are valid.

  3. There is no server side percentage adjustment. They were going into hand pays because their validation and redemption system wasn’t working properly. Any casino that uses tickets has this system. All the games are networked in order for cash out tickets to be printed and their unique validation number to be created. You show you know absolutely nothing about casino accounting systems, and how optioning a slot machine works.

  4. Chicken Ranch is now using server based gaming. This crash happened as techs were in process of changing over it took them about 4 sundays to finish. THEY CAN ADJUST PAYOUT WITH A KNOB

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