College basketball totals can be one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding, things to handicap in the sports betting sphere. WagerTalk’s Kelly Stewart and Drew Martin help you navigate the finer points of how to handicap college basketball totals. In this round of college basketball betting tips, Drew breaks down his five key factors for betting college basketball.

– Pace of Play – This is where it helps to specialize in a small number of teams and conferences. Which teams like to slow the pace down and use the shot clock? Which teams like to run-and-gun? College basketball totals are not dictated based on how good teams are on offense. They are dictated by how many shots and possessions are projected in a game.

– Which Team Controls the Pace – When you’ve got two teams that like to play at different paces, the team with the better guard play is usually able to dictate the game’s tempo.

– Finding Change – The beauty of college basketball is that so many teams can play the game in different ways. It’s up to the bettor to recognize when a team has faced a string of slow opponents, or when they’ve faced a group of teams that press.

– The Point Spread – Totals should be viewed within the context of the point spread. Games with a large point spread are likely to slow down in the second half if the big favorite is holding a large lead. Games with a small point spread are likely to see late-game fouling (and possibly overtime) if the game is close in the second half.

– Efficiency – The easiest one to put a number to: How often does a team score when they have the ball?

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