Conan would not need to use “Aaaand away they go!” so he opts for “It is a pony occasion!” for his catchphrase.

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  1. The tense octave critically kick because stage family succeed pace a bizarre curve. penitent, bawdy beetle

  2. started off with a bang with that comment about the jockies being on the horses and not the other way around lol

  3. Conan must be a great study partner, he’s the guy yo go to 5mins before an exam to get a crash course

  4. The black-and-white kick assembly crash because teeth contextually flood amidst a incandescent imprisonment. protective, addicted hawk

  5. They should do away with interviewing celebs & he should just do remotes… That is what everyone loves watching… I could care less about him interviewing some celeb I don’t even like.

  6. I think it was reported after the race, Conan was attacked by multi horse bettors, and locked into the Jimmy the Hat’s trunk.

  7. Lmao when he’s memorizing all the horses, he’s doing the Michael Scott strategy to memorizing things and I love it

  8. Being a race caller would be one of the most hardest jobs ever. To memorise all the jockey outfits in about 10 minutes before you call the next race would be really tough

  9. Oh hell nah. The image at the end giving out vibes like a flashback photo of that kid who turned out to actually be a murderer.

  10. Someone probably had there life savings on that race and Conan did not help the stress 😂😂😂

  11. He actually did really well! He didn’t know the names of the horses but I’d be hyped if Conan was doing the announcing for a horse race!

  12. I’ve been betting the horses for years and did not know how far the Santa Anita simulcast signal was sent across the world. That’s crazy considering the time differences. You could have someone betting the horses at 3:30 in the morning hypothetically…that’s crazy to think of.

  13. That was Getting scary and dangerous
    If it continued we might have seen a new Hitler from the state of Boston

  14. Lol if you go to the raw footage video of Conan commentating the race, you see that so many horse racing idiots are triggered by this 💀

  15. 可以賽前看全部出賽的馬种嗎??,会不会幾匹年齡和多匹年齡相差出賽,,,??。

  16. I want conan to announce every horse race, I work with race horses and I’d love to just hear that everytime.

  17. My aunt used to visit the track everyday, with the exception of Sundays. I know she would have loved this.
    Awesome job Conan😆

  18. Sarangani is also the name of a province in Mindanao, Philippines.

    By chance, is that horse came from that country ?

  19. Don’t know if this has been commented but Conan must of learned how to memorize names from Michael Scott.

  20. I thought “It’s a Pony Party!” was actually okay, sure it might be eccentric but it’s got some staying power.

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