All the time a enjoyable day on the race monitor!

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  1. Could have been great, but like most millennials, you cant complete a thought without slinging an F-bomb. Funny how I survived 19 years of education without ever needing that adjective.

  2. False Positive was never able to qualify, and 25% Inflation was quote unquote, “injured in training.” Those who speculate he was removed under suspicious circumstances will get their comments deleted

  3. I’m going to save these horse and shoot all you assholes with my ak47 go ahead keep laughing your horrible inhumane POS

  4. This was made a little before this became an issue, but I kept waiting to hear, “And…Black Lives Matter has beat Coronavirus, leaving Social Distancing in the dust!!”

  5. Soon the whole world will realize what a fool Demonic Deep state made out of mass with this Scamdemic
    But they got Caught at the end

  6. “Self-isolate and quarantine pushed to the inside, Wear a mask on the outside and Medical Heroes to the fore…”

  7. Hey man, this is hilarious. Any chance I can use it on short film. I run post production for a company in LA and this could be great for a project we have. What’s the best way to contact you?

  8. Somebody down below re-posted this, adding some crowd noise and reverb. Can’t find it! Who ever put it up, could you please do so again? It added a little “je ne sais quoi” to an already great post!

  9. I thought Economic Shutdown was leading coming to the wire, but, the call was right: Noone F****ing Knows by a head.

  10. LMAO! I must’ve watched 8 diff X He knows what time it is!! Got a mad kick out of ‘cure worse than the disease’, ‘open by Easter’, ‘trust the experts’, ‘toilet paper is nowhere to be seen’

  11. My money was on N95 winning by a nose, but the real winner was Jeff Bezos…again. What an ass!

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