play craps and methods to win is defined by on line casino playing skilled, Steve Bourie, on this first a part of a three-part sequence. Matters lined embody: how the sport is performed, move and do not move betting, the free odds wager and extra!

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  1. I did this professionally decades ago. I realized just how much I have forgotten by watching your videos. thank you!

  2. I’m sorry, I was told that there would be no math in this video. Sorry, craps hurts my brain!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Now when he goes talking percents an placing a bet behind the pass line bet an linking bets gets me lost

  4. 5:40 – how are there “Four ways to lose on a come out roll” if you can only lose on a come out roll with a 2, 3 or 12? That adds up to 3 ways unless I’m missing something?

  5. My brain started scrambling around 7:46 you might have to slow her down just a little bit. Or show examples of the table and what you’re talking about. For some people that are visual learners just a suggestion. You talk about 1.41% and then you talk about a double odds bet lower the house edge on both sides for .61%. So I’m trying to figure it out in my head how you got these numbers LOL.

  6. I followed the advise from Steve and it worked. Won $500 on the craps table last night using his information. Great work Steve!

  7. So.. I’m a poker player, hold em.. I fully get blackjack, though not skilled enough at counting cards to justify playing for money, but craps.. craps is literally pure gambling and though exquisitely simple to understand, is the dumbest form of gambling outside of roulette that exists.. and even roulette has better odds of winning.

  8. 5:55 Eight ways to win: By rolling a 7 or 11. Um, that’s only two ways to win – by rolling a 7 or 11. Where does he come up with eight???

  9. I don’t see a more succinct explanation and understandable description of the game anywhere on YouTube. The most important is the coverage of the proper betting amounts based on the odds to not end up with a sucker bet or getting averaged down on payouts. Thanks for that.

  10. “Over $1,000 in casino coupons”…..basically the casino’s ROFL at the advice given to you in the book.

  11. Question in the beginning for pass line betters, you said if we play the odds you lower the casinos advantage. Now near the end of the video you mentioned about no pass line betters, that they can remove their pass line bets after the come out roll but they should not do that as their are more ways to win (for non pass line betters) after the point has been established, in essence casinos have an advantage after point has been establish. So if this is the case then why should pass line betters bet the odds then because they are more ways for them to lose than to win.

  12. great explanations and i like how you emphasized multi-x free odds bets have very low house edge.

  13. Just got back from cash-ino. Snatched more loot from them!!

    9 wins out of 11 for June
    6 wins out of 7 in July so far

    Consistent Winner

  14. Don’t let it intimidate you. This guy makes it seem way harder than it is. It’s a lot of fun especially with a big group that’s there for fun. Go to a low denomination table and the dealers will help you. And most of the time other players will too. Just tell them you’re new to the game and they’ll give you some help. Don’t forget that they actually want you to win so you tip lol
    And if you are out in Vegas, a lot of casinos will do a “class” for free where you play and learn just with fake chips. Those are usually offered in the mornings around 10.

  15. The worse thing about craps is that dumbasses want to roll after they show they can’t roll.

  16. You only win on 7 and 11 at coming out IF you placed bets on the Pass Line. You do NOT lose on 2, 3 or 12 if you bet on the Don’t Pass Bar on a coming out roll.

  17. If you want to learn craps Tip Your Dealer!! They will make sure you are doing everything right. If there is a mistake they will take your side. If not they will not help you as much and will not be as friendly. Also when walking up to a table Avoid saying the following: “you look bored. Is this a lucky table? Are you going to let us win? Asking where the waitress is when you just got to the table.” To recap, To. Insure. Proper. Service. TIP your dealer. P.s. Please stop blowing your smoke in the dealers faces, screaming in their ears and loud horse whistles.

  18. Read my book “Winning At Craps, A New Look At An Old Game”. Mead Publishing , out of print , Amazon Books, Four out of five stars rating. 09/26/2018. If you really believe there is only a 1.41% edge on the pass line, read my book to find out what two bets on the pass line, have a 50% house edge for each time these points show on the comeout roll. The exact 1.41% and 1.40% (don’t pass) only show after thousands of rolls, if ever.

  19. Craps is simple.
    The only bets to bet on in craps is:
    pass or dont pass with free odds and come and don’t come with free odds.
    All other bets is sucker bets.
    There is no such things in the casino games.
    Stick to the low percentage bets and if you win you win.
    If you lose, you lose, but it will not hurt your wallet more than your bank roll.

  20. Using 0% house edge bet to decrease the house edge doesn’t make any sense. Yes, average house edge is decreased but this time you are betting more and still losing the same amount of money. Like, putting 100 dollars at the pass line and getting 98.59 dollars back, and putting another 100 dollars on the other spot and just keeping it intact. The same amount of money is lost over time.

  21. It’s not that hard… though, the real hard part about it is usually the table will be moving really fast between people placing bets and the shooter preparing their sacred dice rituals.

  22. I got five minutes into this before I said, the hell with this. I’m never playing craps. Too much shit to remember.

  23. Thanks for the info. Probably have to watch it another 3 times to retain all that information though, but overall I think this gave me a pretty good understanding of the basics of the game.

  24. He touches on it a bit, but the “don’t pass” bets are not taken well by strangers. I find they’re very fun though if you have a “friendly rival” at the table you can have this fun with. Once, a good friend of mine and I simply bet against one another for a while with rather low stakes. Always treasure that sort of friendship.

  25. Fun fact: the 1700s dice game “Hazard” was the forerunner to Craps, but it was much, much different to Craps (and a lot simpler in terms of play).

  26. 7:19 This explanation of the house edge is illogical to me. All you’re doing by making the “free” odds bet is increasing your variance and not lowering your long term theoretical losses. Why the hell would I want to intentionally increase my variance?

  27. I know this video can be confusing but that’s just the game with dozens of different bets but please everybody take the time to learn the game its a great game with small casino edges and it can be a blast to play especially if you play with friends some of my best nights in the casino came from craps play craps on the computer to learn the game faster it worked for me

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